Is the ghost of Biafra still haunting Buhari and his Cabal?

In his recent visit to Russia to attend Russia-Africa Summit convoked by the Russian President, Putin, the Nigerian President Buhari thanked Mr. Putin and people of Russia for helping Nigeria to defeat Biafra during the Nigeria-Biafra War (1967-1970).

Wonders Never End!!! So, almost 50 years after the Nigeria-Biafra War ended, Buhari is still being haunted by the ghost of Biafra?

However, Buhari's words to Putin confirms two fundamental things:

1. In the first place, Buhari had confirmed, through his words, what we all know already, but which Buhari, and other gate-keepers of Nigeria have refused to acknowledge all the while:

 "Biafra was never defeated by Nigeria." Because, the Nigeria-Biafra War was NOT fought between Biafra and Nigeria, but rather between Biafra and the two Cold War super-powers: Britain and USSR (Soviet Union) and their allies.

2. Secondly, Buhari's words to Putin in Russia, confirms the fact, that the much-touted Gen. Yakubu Gowon's end of war declaration, "No Victor no Vanquished", was anything but a fraud and lie. Otherwise, how come it that Nigeria's President, would, in 2019, almost 50 Years after the war ended, be thanking president of a foreign country (a former Cold War super-power, Russia), for helping Nigeria to defeat Biafra? " So, there was a 'Victor and Vanquished' in the Nigeria-Biafra War?

I hope Buhari understood the full implications of his words to President Putin. Because, Buhari's statement means that:

"Nigeria and Biafra are two different countries which have been at war with each other." There was a genocidal war between the two rival countries (Nigeria and Biafra). Biafra was having upper hands in that war. But low and behold, some foreign powers were invited to come and to help Nigeria. In fact, two Arch-enemies of the Cold, Britain and Soviet Union, came together (because they wanted the "spoils" of the Petroleum reserves in Biafraland), and so helped Nigeria to fight Biafra to a "standstill?

This was what happened. Not that Nigeria defeated Biafra. Otherwise, Buhari would not be haunted still in 2019 by the ghost of Biafra, 50 years after the end of open combatant of the war, if Nigeria really defeated Biafra?

Again, Buhari forgot in his speech to Putin, that the Soviet Union authorities, before agreeing to work with Nigeria, had earlier approached Gen Ojukwu, Biafra's head of state. But Ojukwu refused them since he didn't want to drag the Biafran people and struggle into the Cold-War two contending ideologies - US/EU-USSR "Capitalism versus Communism" Blocks. Ojukwu, being a historian, knew the danger in giving the Biafran struggle a 'Communist's colouration.' The Biafran war was a war of survival of a persecuted people of South Eastern region. It is not a war fought on the basis of ideological differences. Thus, Ojukwu had to refuse all military assistance and wooing coming from the Soviet Union. Because, he didn't want to push his people of Biafra into the Communist Block or the opposing Capitalist ideology of the Cold War of the Super-powers, US/EU-USSR.

Had Ojukwu accepted the offer and wooing of Soviet Union during the war, the Biafra struggle could have been seen in another way, and interpreted at the International arena, as an offshoot of Communist war against the Western interest in Africa. That alone could have cost Biafra, the loss of the good will of all his friends and admirers in the West and elsewhere. And the story of the war could not have ended the way it did.

These were the facts that eluded Buhari in his speech to Putin in Russia this week at Moscow. However, Putin and Russians in general, are very intelligent people. They know the history of their many years of friendship and good relationship with the Biafran people, before and after the Nigeria-Biafra War. Today's Russia, is one of the closest and Frontline states-friends of the new phase of the Biafran struggle. This friendly disposition of Russia towards the new phase of Biafra struggle is what Buhari is very much worried about. It was what made him to deliver such an undiplomatic speech to Putin early this week in Moscow.  However, "History, like conscience, is an open wound. Only truth can heal it." -Nedum C Nedum

I have said that I would have not faulted this masterpiece if the author did not address the masquerade (impostor Jubril Aminu of Sudan) of the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, led by Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura, as Mohammadu Buhari.

Of course, Buhari had long been dead. The criminal that is doing the bidding of the criminals at Aso Rock, on behalf of the satanic Britain, was just hired by the exploitative, parasitic, and predatory Britain, for the purpose of ensuring their continuous hold on the Biafra oil and gas, which is the backbone, the spinal cord, and the very life of the murderous Britain's economy.

In the attached pics, you see the moronic zombie, Gowon, who Britain used to murder over 6 million Biafrans, and later turned him to a praying mantis, while watching his people sent to IDP Camps, and their communities occupied and renamed by the imported Fulani.

You can also see the imported impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, who was hired to impersonate the dead Mohammadu Buhari, with either his legitimate wife, or the woman that is being prepared for him as a replacement for Aisha, the wife of the late Buhari.

You can also see the pictures of the late Buhari, in comparison with that of the boy Britain hired from Sudan to hoodwink the gullible Cowgerians.

Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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