By Mazi Emeka Obasi (Abia Writers)
Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam 
It's quite pathetic and unbelievable that the level of wickedness, impunity and evil perpetrated by the so-called leaders in our land, especially in Anambra state has gotten to another level. A state where killer's and bandits who happen to be the fourth most deadly terror group in the world "miyetti Allah" (Fulani Herdsmen) has been officially declared to be a part of the state government by the state governor. 

Recently the governor of Anambra State in the person of Willie Obiano publicly announced that Miyetti Allah is now officially part of the Anambra state government. Also, the drunkard went ahead to say that there will be five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000) compensation for any Biafran killed by the Fulani Islamic terror herdsmen. Recall that Miyetti Allah is known to be the fourth most dangerous terror group in the world and is known for massive killing, destruction and banditry for the past few years. 

It's in their interest that our land is conquered and everybody subjected to Islamic rule and practices, but we have vowed that it would never happen as long as we live. The Fulani slave, drunkard and evil dictator in the person of Willie Obiano who's in charge of the affairs of the caliphate in Anambra state has once again come up with another trick and agenda of Fulanization in Anambra state. The evil has gotten to the extent of inviting bandits and killers to be a part of us. 

Therefore we are calling Obiano to order, we will no longer endure and allow this nonsense and wickedness to continue, and the shameful declaration of Miyetti Allah as part of Anambra will not stand. How can we be in our land and killers are invited to kill us and also been paid off because of the death of our loved ones, no it won't happen, our land and lives are so precious to us. We shall do everything humanly possible to protect our land or else we are overrun which will never happen. Therefore we are pleading and calling out to our brethren in Biafran land, especially in Anambra to stand in resolution to see that our land is protected. Anambra Is our land, and we must do everything humanly possible to see that our ancient land is protected.
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