Biafra: Loyalists of Nigeria Politicians Versus IPOB

■ Author : Eze Elijah Ifeanyi
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, October ,  2019

It is very obvious that some of our people,m especially the Igbos are politician Worshipers. Some may ask how can people worship politicians? But it is as simple as a b c d to explain it.
So let's go straight to the point and purpose of this article.

Some of our people, both educated and illiterate ones have converted themselves to politician Worshipers. Those people always oppose anything that is against the government in power. Many times, those ones try to convince you that Nigeria shall be well. Therefore we should stop talking about Biafra. In the eastern region of the zoo and South-south of the zoo according to them, they are fond of preaching Nigeria unity. They use to tell those who are preaching Biafra that the Zoo government will never allow Biafra to go. Therefore, we should support one Nigeria and stop languishing our efforts on an unrealizable Biafra restoration project. In short, those one-internists have been making efforts to destroy the efforts of IPOB. But as they are witnessing it now, they have failed.
Politician Worshipers may be categorized into different groups. 

(1) Political profiteers: These group of people is at the political corridor to pick whatever fall from their masters' table. Therefore, they are ready to abide by whatever that proceeds from their masters' mouth irrespective of the nature of what their master said. Many times, the lunatics in this category try to manifest how great their masters are thereby calling them Maradona, Odogwu, extreme godfather, own, all those useless names. So, this group of politician Worshipers makes themselves sacrificial lamb in order to protect their masters. They many times turn themselves to the objects of ridicule in society only because they focus on their stomachs.

Educated illiterates. People in this category are really educated. But on the other hand, they are illiterate. These people can even have a Doctor's degree from the university. But out of egoism, don't want to hear Biafra in their lives. Simply because they are comfortable with their families. Therefore, free is not about them. They believe that the arrival of Biafra May brings negative change in their careers. You can reorganize these people via their speeches towards the restoration of Biafra. Whenever they want to talk about one Nigeria, you will hear all sorts of rubbish from their useless mouths. For example, The indivisibility of one-Nigeria is indivisible; The unity of one-Nigeria is unnegotiable; the unnegotiable of one Nigeria is unnegotiable, God created one-Nigeria; Nnamdi KANU is a terrorist; IPOB is a terrorist group; Buhari is a prayer answered; Nigeria shall be well one day, etc.

Illiterates: Some of these politician Worshipers are opposing the Biafra restoration project out of illiteracy. Many of them don't know what Biafra is all about. Some of them are half_educated but claim to know all. Go to some villages. You will see them praising politicians. That was why I nearly had crashed with some boys in my village when I told them that Goodluck Jonathan will not win the second tenure in office in 2015 due to the conspiracy of the Yoruba politicians to take power out from Biafra Indigene.

Do you, know that those boys by hearing what I said, made me know that Goodluck Jonathan is a Lion. Therefore no man born of a woman can deprive his second tenure. It is a pity that my people are wallowing in illiteracy. They don't want to hear Biafra in their ears. But I pray that God will open their ears one day.

Egoism:  some are worshiping politicians in Nigeria not because they don't know how corrupt they are; But only because they believe that as far as they get money from them, that it is enough for them. Some of them parade themselves as prominent men at the detriment of the poor masses. Many times they sell the development of their respective regions in order to amass wealth. These people believe that as far as their families are financially healthy, others can go to hell. They only think of the future of their children.  But other people's children can perish. They believe that in Biafra, their egoistic desire may not be achievable. Therefore, they oppose the Biafra restoration project to the extent of killing IPOB members.

Relevance Seekers:   Due to the fact that some of our people want to be relevant to their Fulani slave masters, they prefer to be opposing Nnamdi KANU and IPOB so that they may somehow be loved by them. Some of them don't know by which avenue their name may be heard in Nigeria politics; therefore, they choose to popularise their names thereby opposing IPOB. Especially via newspapers and telecommunications. The number one person in this category is Joe Igbokwe.  The Lagos slave from Nnewi. The second person is Nnia Nwodo etc. IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi KANU is here to let them know that their sins against Biafrans are unforgivable. And the land of BIAFRA shall not accommodate them with us when Biafra will be restored. The attack on our leader's compound by the Fulani Bokoharam soldiers on 14th September 2017 was masterminded by Ohaneze Ndigbo under the leadership of Ninja Nwodo and the Eastern Governors. All these lunatics should prepare to pack out to exile because Biafra is already here
and the land of BIAFRA can never accommodate them.
All hail Biafra.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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