■Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere        
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 11, October 2019

Whenever you remember that Nigeria had at a time past been identified as an independent country, what comes to your mind? It just started with a question that every sane human that's living under this very roof must answer. You might choose to be sincere to yourself or not, but the truth remains uncovered. The truth is naked, and from the time being, the truth can only be hidden for some time but must inevitably surface at the due time. What do I see in current independent Nigeria? The Independence of Nigeria is just a definition of hypocrisy, the recoil of injustice, destiny destroyer, darkness, evil etc. It was programmed to cage the destiny of a people. Independence was supposed to mean the freedom from economic, structure, physical, spiritual, thoughts and decisions of someone or a group of people. Independence means that you can take care and responsibilities of yourself. However, the Independence of Nigeria has proven it all wrong. Nigeria's Independence was designated to enslave, confiscate, endanger, stagnate and to keep Africa underdeveloped for eternity. Obviously, people will as always see this piece as an IPOB affair, but it's very far from it. This is not about IPOB, it's about you and me. Nigeria, at 59 years of Independence, has achieved her aim of existence. Believe it or not, this is the truth. She has successfully caged the destinies of entire Africa. She lied and deceived so many. She turned the old into fools and made the elders unhonorable. But however, few have seen the truth, and that's because it is time for the fact. This truth can only make Nigeria cease to exist. It's shameful that at this age, Nigeria is still a jungle. Who would believe that in this 24th century that Nigerian government is again putting in considering whether or not to build right roads, build a quality education, infrastructure, electricities and other essential amenities in the society? I mean the same time other countries are developing nuclear weapons, technologies, automobile and a modernised world? Nigeria, at this age, cannot refine oil, but history had it that oil was refined in Biafra during the Nigeria/Biafra war in far away 1967-1970. Would you now believe that Nigeria has caged so many destinies? This simply means that those who study the petrol chemical in the higher institution are only a waste of resources. Another way to redefine Nigeria's Independence is "a destiny caver". In as much as Nigeria keep counts on her Independence, there's no going to be any fulfilled destiny in the country. As a matter of fact, the hypocritical sequences surrounding her Independence would always weigh down every rising opportunity. This why I weep for those who celebrate the Independence of Nigeria. In my own sense, I think October of every year should be a period of grievances. It should only remind Nigerians that their destinies were sold out without returns. It should also tell Nigerians that their ancestors died thinking they will save this generation, but in were disappointed to have seen the people they killed for embrace Nigeria. Nigeria was easily given an Independence for the purpose of exploitation and exploration by the British government. Ignorance, self-deceit and selfishness are the things that can trigger anyone to celebrate Nigeria's deceptive Independence. It's not my business for how long it lasts, but my business is that we must tell ourselves the truth. The celebration of Nigeria is a redefined act of celebrating your backwardness, economic strangulation, injustice, corruption, dishonesty, evil etc. It's not time to celebrate, but a time to work yourself out of this shame, it's time to think about the future of the next generation. If there must be an Independence, it must be an absolute one that will comprise of an avenue where the people shall decide for themselves who to be and what to be. The fall of Nigeria is the rise of our destinies.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi

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