The issue of compulsory DNA test saga by IPOB; Indigenous People Of Biafra has accelerated, volume of spoken words and several ideological innuendo, created unavoidable and inescapable tensions that metamorphose into today's news that Nigerian president was missing in Japan summit. The DNA saga started gathering momentum and tendering with speed and verse at the moment the Nigeria media announces the departure of the president to economic summit in Japan, that constitutionally and forensically that IPOB; that is the indigenous People of Biafra had to followed him up with Japanese police, but no one had ascertained nor give useful information about his way. The other invited presidents from Africa were there, officially welcomed by the Japanese government on their smoothly arrival at the venue of the global event centre. Other foreign media/journalists were on the ground to observe and air the summit including IPOB officials were also live on the summit as every president make their speech on live video coverage but Mohammadu Buhari's live speech as Nigeria head of states in conference in the seven Japan summit was significantly missing on record.

At the end Nigeria government absconded the developmental program held to drag Africa out, from the shackles of poverty but ungloriously subtly claimed to be presented at the occasion. The live video of the summit was globally and publicly circulated in every media platform including the group photos of all the presidents in attendance. After the space of more than nine hours, the personal assistant on media to presidency Femi Adesina shamefully responded with unintelligent and noticeable Photoshop’s pictures, which other Nigeria media assisted and partnered with the presidency to peddled the falsehood in Nigeria, that President Mohammadu Buhari was at the summit. The example of Nigeria medias on the front burner of dishing out deceit and fake information/news are;

1)     Channels Television

2)     NTA

3)     BBC Igbo

4)     Legit online blogger

5)     BCA radio Umuahia

6)     Magic FM etc.

All these above Nigeria mentioned media platforms were handsomely paid to spread and sell lies to over two hundred million gullible and innocent citizens in the contraption called Nigeria. From the journalism point of view and media investigations and observations have it, that within the period of Japanese summit, Nigerians started having mixed feelings and register their displeasure in regard to IPOB bold declaration, that the man been paraded as president of Nigeria in Aso rock is an impostor from Sudan. The series of street interviews both Facebook live, proved that a lot of Nigerian citizens are unhappy, and are gradually waken up from slumber including the Catholic priest (Rev. Fr. Steve Ukochukwu) who challenged the Femi Adesina to show the video of Mohammed Buhari in that summit. After much pressure from every angle, like on the ground IPOB protest in Japan searching for the missing president, Twitter and other social media agitations persuaded Femi Adesina, that he had to oozed out another fallacy that suspected Jubril (Buhari) having bilateral talks with Japanese government including sealing an auto assemble deal, while the summit was still going on, and cannot be seen anywhere. From their shenanigans, confusion and political drama that took place in Japan, a lot of people had begun asking pressing and mind touching questions and comments like;

ü  Which Japanese delegates or Japanese government officials welcomed Nigeria president at the airport and the name of the airport he landed, which international airport in world shared the same environment with poultry farm? If people go by photos Femi Adesina flooded the media as airport the head of state arrived. Based on none Nigeria media live videos people televised how Japanese government welcomed and received other African presidents like South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa, Liberia president George Weah and Rwandan president Paul Kagame etc.

ü  What prevented Nigeria media not to air live video on such prestigious, important summit that will benefit Africa and even Nigeria more especially on Nigeria critical point of collapsing and as now, that they are living on borrowed life according world Bank. The time, in serious term, Nigeria is in precipice, that they needed, youth empowerment and good economics standing to face the yearnings of the citizens living in abject poverty that one may not comprehend still, no live stream from Nigeria media as regards to the event in Japan?

ü  Why did Nigeria APC media choose to manoeuvre and twist the brain of over 200 million Nigerian citizens that the president was having bilateral talks with Japanese government and they are at the verge of completing auto assemble deal with Japanese company Toyota, but diplomatic protocols demands that bilateral talks should be held in your country not on foreign land. The question remains is that the same deal sealed with Ghana government? Where Ichiro Kashitani, the president and chief executive officer of Toyota Tsusho corporation has announced that the company will start to assemble its vehicles in Ghana from August 2020, speaking during signing of memorandum of understanding (M.O.U) with the Ghana government for the establishment, and that of Toyota and Suzuki assembly plant in Ghana, Kashitani said the project will last for life. The questions, Nigerian are asking the presidency are; which deal did you signed with Japanese company?

ü  When it comes to presidential group photos, the super powers must be on the frontline of the pictures, just like in African continent Nigeria shoulder other African countries and also known as giant of Africa. Why did the almighty Nigeria president regulated at the back while other minor and poor African presidents occupied front position which is diplomatic error, judging from Femi Adesina Photoshop pictures.

ü  Neither television nor any media platform could air the program, that so claimed Nigerian president made a speech in Japan conference.

The only way that Nigeria citizens will escape this pending doom that will befall them all, sooner very soon, unless they decided to tap and develop their strong character from IPOB by confronting their corrupt leaders with important and sensitive questions that demand an instant answers, if not, I will completely concur and confirm that theories of these following men below; for instance according to South Africa former apartheid minister, said in 1988 and I quote “Blacks people can't rule themselves because they don't have brain and mental capacity to govern a society.....Give them guns, they will kill themselves, give them power, ,they will steal all government money; give them independent and Democracy, they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnic bigotry, hatred, killing and war. While the supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said, “blacks are the heaviest objects they can only consume without producing and he said again “look at small and tiny Japan that has nothing in terms of natural resources except human resource that Africa that have many natural resources like oil, gas, gold, coal, tantalum and iron are running to, for financial aid and development, is that not madness?"

The Nigerian citizens will be reasonable and reorganized globally when they start to hold their political leaders accountable, and what necessary the matters that;

1)     What crime did the Sahara reporter committed that Nigeria government bluntly refused Judicial hearing?

2)     Why did DSS are still holding Ibrahim Yaqoub El Zakzaky, the Shiite leader and the former national security adviser to the former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan including the latest forcing of RUGA down the throat of all the 36 states in Nigeria? Remember what makes you a human is ability to reason. a word is enough for the wise.  In Biafra, we stand.

Written by:
Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Solomon Elughaiwe
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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