To be informed, is to live, why to lack necessary information is to be deformed. There is time and season for everything under the sun. There is time to love and there is time to hate. There is time to embrace one another and there is time to refrain from embracement. Yes, it is very appealing to understand very fast that we are in the season of freedom, because slave cannot be a son, unless through adoptions that is why, it is said, that only freeborn can serve God willingly. It is important to get this straight. Buy this knowledge but don't sell it, that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the whole wide world, which has never stop growing even till today.

Their growth is not through beautiful debate and conviction, but by drastic, violent and aggressive modus operandi conquering nations and taken over them, that's why, we should be very careful, because we are in bigger mess, for we are found ourselves sharing same country with this evil race, that is stinkingly alien to our culture, just to take away that peace that has been with us from the beginning. Oh Biafran, don't sell your land to Fulani for any amount in the guise of love your neighbour as yourself as Christian faith nor one Nigeria ness. I had never told you not to sell your land but what I am saying, is that, sell to others and not to Fulani because the end may be bitter and very very disastrous.

Every Fulani has one plan before them, no matter the situation, is to Islamize and to fulanize, and they do not play nor joke about it, and as far as that religion is concern to them, every other people are infidel. And when they kill their infidel, they claimed that, they are doing the will of God. And you care to live with that? They can never love you. Better think twice, even though you are good now quarrel is inevitable that they will kill you and kill your children later. Please my dear reader buy this code but don't sell it for any amount, do you know that, these are the skirmishes; making the Biafra land unbearable and inhabitable for the youths, through making sure that there is no job to do by the youths even after graduating from the university and obtain necessary and sufficient degree and certificate to make life better, thereby pushing every youths abroad and oversea for slave job, but greater number of the youths are already trapped in Nigeria, living below poverty level that could not even provide tickets money to travel out of that dangerous enclave called Nigeria. They want all of us to leave, so that they can take total control of our ancestral land, and that is what is happening now, can't you see it?

Another skirmishes, is the face of buying off Biafra lands from us by Fulanis. And what about the economics strangulation policies of Nigeria cabals like never allow good Roads, Airports, workable seaports in our land, over the great things that are about to erupt, as long-awaited for. But the good questions are; do you want to be on the side of the slave master, to continually enslave your own people forever in search of name or political correctness? Are you very sure that you are right with all this your selective endorsement to be a good man by those that had vowed to never to let you go on free ride of life without directing you to the obvious. Do you really want to be, on the negative side of history, like Adolf Hitler that no parents want to give their children that name of shame? Which side have you chosen to occupy? We are waiting. But I leave you with this word of mine,
don't sell your land to the Fulanis, as we are looking for freedom for all, please by yourself and by your actions don't enslave the freedom of Biafra

Written by:
Nwabunwanne David
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Solomon Elughaiwe
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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