Biafra: Xenophobia Attack, A True Nature Of Barbarism

■ Author : Ezekwereogu John
Chief-Editor For Umuchiukwu Writers
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■ 03, September ,  2019

Since this current xenophobic attacks by South Africans against foreigners (mostly Nigerians) in South Africa started about three weeks ago, I have been meaning to write a post about the fact that BLACK South Africans are not just barbaric, they are also idiots. But I have been restraining myself from doing so, for fear that I may sound stereotypical, thereby being unfair to some well-meaning South Africans. At least, a South African on my friend list made a post some days ago, condemning the xenophobic attacks.

South Africa Xenophobia Pictures 

But, I have concluded that it is not really stereotyping, for I have every reason to believe that the average black South African meet what I am about to describe. I mean, these killings are done in public places, with sizeable crowds cheering the acts. Not to mention the crowds looting, with no sense of guilt, the shops of foreigners, who may have been killed or have gone into hiding. And I don't think the South African government is really doing anything to stop the killings, which makes me have a conspiracy theory about those in the government being somewhat in support of the whole thing.

The average black South African is lazy and lacks the enterprising capacity to take advantage of their well-developed economy to make a living for himself. Then, he shamelessly accuses foreigners, who have the acumen to utilize the advantage properly, of taking over their businesses.
About South Africa has a well-developed economy, someone may ask, "How can you say that the average (black) South African is lazy and is not enterprising when their economy is well developed?"

Well, the credit of having a well-developed economy goes to WHITE South Africans. There is this old encyclopedia in my dad's library, that calls South African one of the richest countries and most developed economies in the world. That was when South Africa was ruled by whites. Since blacks took over the government in 1991, the economy has been on continual deterioration. 

It is getting worse every day. As at 1999 (8 years after blacks took over the government), the powerplants in South Africa, collectively, has the capacity to generate more than twice the amount of electricity the country needed...a leftover of the dividends of the white rule. But today, electricity is being rationed in South Africa.
My point is that the recurring xenophobic attacks in South Africa is the story of a people, who are very lazy and hopeless to work and make a living, and are channelling their frustrations to hardworking foreigners (mostly Biafrans ), who they are myopic and pathetic enough to blame for their predicament, by butchering them and/or looting their goods.

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