Why is our own case different? This has been the question that kept bothering my mind after I listened keenly to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his global broadcast on Saturday 10th August, 2019 in Radio Biafra London transmitted concurrently on Facebook page of Radio Biafra and  other social media platforms all the way from Nuremberg in Germany, frankly speaking I doubled my velocity of thinking and excessive rhetoric questioning in the surroundings on the Indigenous People Of Biafra  (IPOB) led by the man himself Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in their continuous agitation to restore Biafra as a sovereign state on the surface of this planet earth.

I wouldn't act as a good listener or an excellent student of history right here on this article rather I will go straight offloading my thoughtful loads because I have noticed we're on our own, therefore no time to waste so let us see how it will go and where our strength can carry us to this time.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu while addressing the  lovers of freedom in the Nuremberg city of Germany and the global family of IPOB meticulously shared what the leadership of  IPOB  has been going through in her international diplomatic  tour trying to form strong and reliable  allies to get the work of Biafra restoration completed successfully,  which I have noted initially that I'm not going to outline right here reasons best known to me, but I ask again why is our own case different? 

Every other freedom fighters in the world even terrorist groups like BOKO-HARAM sets, Fulani herdsmen, ISIS just to mention a few are being sponsored and financed by millionaires in the government and business sectors across the world but in the case of IPOB our own turned totally different and I will ask again why is our own case different? 

I do not in any way  blame the international communities who choose to  limit their aid and total support to IPOB before now, this is  because what they look forward to seeing from the oppressed Biafra people home and abroad was nowhere sighted and still far to be found,  the man who is directly affected and was subjected into depression as a result of his oppression has done little or nothing to redeem himself then you anticipate a helper to take charge of his primary responsibilities,  I am sure you will not be too quick to conclude I am being uncivilized if I categorically say you are insane by assuming that will happen in this century----for America, Israel, Russia  or any other friends of IPOB to take full charge of our primary responsibilities as a people,  Eziokwu  (truly) you are mentally derailed if you think that will ever  happen, an  Igbo adage says it is the owner of a corpse that carry it from the head side; do not expect me to interpret this further because if I do it then means your mother's dowry is nothing but a waste, I am  sure you know vividly what that implies.

We are all sick and tired of our conditions in this British contraption called Nigeria and all we need and dream every night and day is freedom but we quickly forgot that freedom is not free, there are things we need to and must remove from meat before consuming it.

Often times the Supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu says on air to the hearing of everybody an average money cost of this agitation to restore Biafra annually which is more than a million American dollar, so permit me to ask---how much have you contributed out of this huge cost amount of money?  Please I don't want you to tell me certainly here is not the right place for you to do so.

I have taken time to survey and I came to agreement with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that there are indeed no millionaires in  Biafra land (Igbo) for now as Nnamdi Kanu stated because if they are by now they ought to have identified themselves in this noble and divine agitation to restore Biafra  because “Aku ruo ulo amara onye nweya” (action speaks louder than voice) this statement continuously seriously got me thinking about what I observes in my land of Biafra, to me it is more like contradictory because I see many people that controls fortunes and wealth in billions not just in millions, these men leaves in heaven on earth anyways let me not mention names here, Biafra people home and abroad are richly blessed with fortune and wealth though we may not have the richest in Africa continent today but we are rich. Believe me when I said we are rich even if it is not extremely rich but we are rich and comfortable individually.

In every movement and agitation for freedom all over the world  they are three classified categories of people involved, the laborers the observers and the sponsors but in our own case we have the laborers the observers but the sponsors are nowhere to be found; the few who deny themselves pleasure and injected their long-time accumulated income to it are already bankrupt so which way forward since this freedom is inevitable and we desperately need it but the resources to use and do the needful are not coming? 

Unfortunately those that have the resources in abundance that ought to partner with IPOB in achieving our freedom decided to dine and wine with our oppressors, who has poisoned their minds and turned them against their own people,  they enjoy taking part on the afflictions of their people without any form of remorse in a bid to please their Fulani masters sitting in Aso-Rock  Abuja  to secure a contracts in return and become richer while their poor people grows poorer.

Since it has become obviously clear that we need forget about what they can do for us and apply the strategy of what we can do for ourselves, the truth must be told that it is high time we unanimously take the bull by the horn and fight this battle once and for all irrespective of what it will cost, it is left for you and I to do this and there is no better time to do it than now, else we are doomed as a people because our enemies and Fulani terror herdsmen are waiting warming up to conquer us and take over our land should we fold hands and watch them silently.

Many continuously ask what are we going to do? It is very simple; bring your resources let me bring mine we will combine it together get things that will sustain us in this last fight with our oppressors deliver it to our laborers in the field, they will use it to send our oppressors to oblivion and we will be free forever.

IPOB has launched a  $1 per month support fund from Biafrans and lovers of freedom in America which is less than N500 that few IPOB family members  in Biafra land contributes monthly but many are not going to comply in paying just $1 that is not up to what they spend on a square meal every day, not to talk of what they spend in the club, bar, event centres etcetera just for momentary fun and pleasure; N500 is just the monthly dues for the family members of IPOB in Biafra land but many who desperately need freedom instead of paying the money for their speedy delivery from bondage they  will choose to lavish it with women in the hotel and extravagantly spend it.

The issue right now is no longer about the millionaires or billionaires who do not care about us that IPOB to my best of knowledge has never had their support from the beginning, it is all about what you and I can bring to the table, what we can do for our nation Biafra to be free from this evil British contraption called Nigeria. Resources are no doubt needed to get the work done and it is you and I that will do it, if not for anything for the sake of our posterity.

Let us forget about these selfish and greedy monsters; the ambassadors of poverty whose mouth are at home and anus abroad, they don't mean well for you and I their devilish objectives is to make us perpetual slaves under them, but we cannot let them have their way not anymore.  We are not too poor that we cannot do something, this is no longer the time to leave everything for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or pushing it to anybody, but play your part let me play my part as Nnamdi Kanu continuously play his own part then Biafra will be restored and we'll all be glad forever.

Let nothing deceive you come out fellow Biafrans let us finish this together because this is our own country and it is you and I that will actualize it.

Thank you and may Chukwu-Okike-Abiama bless you as you do the needful.


Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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