A very disheartening event that took place in a very peaceful environment in one of the Riverine communities in Ke Kingdom, Degema LGA of Rivers State, Biafraland on Monday 29th July 2019, without any speck of provocation or confrontation was invaded and burnt to the ground by the Nigerian Army. According to an eyewitness during the invasion, the Nigeria military said they were sent by the government led by Jubril Aminu Al-Sudan impersonating late Mohammadu Buhari to burn down the community.

According to an eyewitness who was present and a victim of the army tortures and abuse by name Mrs. Gloria who was an indigene of Bayelsa State narrated and gave first hand report of what happened. You wouldn’t believe that the Nigerian military are so heartless even in this hard time where people are dying of hunger and starvations, yet they ignore the sufferings and went ahead to burn down people’s labour. Below is her narration and she was interviewed by the media personnel that were on ground after the military has left thereafter.

A woman by name Mrs. Gloria from Bayelsa State narrates her discomforts, “ According to her, she has stayed in Ke Kingdom in Degema LGA of River’s State for more than 15 years, fishing is her hobby since her stay in the community, showing crates burnt  which she used to sell drinks, on that very day the 29th July 2019, She was approaching the River bank (Riverside) when she saw some boats on a standby, and as she was approaching the boat, the military man was moving closer to her, she was nervous and started asking the military personnel what is her crime. Before she could understand herself, the Nigerian Military personnel started hitting on her. And threatening her that she will know, still she was confused on everything that was happening because all her 15 years of stay in the community, all she does was to smoke dry crawfish and fish in the community no disturbance of any kind has come her way.

 However, as she was pleading and asking her crimes, the soldiers continued threatening her that she will see, continuously; and Mrs Gloria asked again “Oga Wetin I Do”? In Pidgin English meaning (what is my crime sir!), then the military personnel ordered them to pack out their belongings. Mrs. Gloria begged and requested her crimes, the soldiers continued to abuse her, anyone that pleaded too were abused and tortured. Since they couldn’t stand the tortures and abuses from the military, they horribly pack their beds, cloths, Refrigerator, etc., as she was packing her belongs outside the building in the community, the military personnel started chasing after her and beating her up. She then ran away leaving everything outside.

According to Mrs. Gloria (the victim) she ran and stood one side watching what the military personnel was about to do, as they succeeded in chasing her off the scene, they immediately set the place on fire, according Mrs. Gloria, the properties she brought outside was not caught on fire, but heartlessly the military personnel went to the properties they told her to bring out; set it on fire. Everything burnt down; she had no clothes, etc. Even the cloth she was putting on later was given by the neighbouring communities.

She continued; both her kitchen where she smokes fish were burnt to the ground, both her net used in fishing were all burnt, 15 bags of crawfish which she smoked was all destroyed. One bag of crawfish is equivalent to 30 rubbers of crawfish but everything was destroyed, as she was narrating her pains, she was crying so bitterly, the wrapper and top she was putting on where given by the neighbours, for over 4 days she hasn’t taken her bath. She had no shelter, no clothes, no money and no one to ask for help. She is frustrated and lack words to describe how wicked the government could be. She said.

Inclusion; can such disheartening event happen in any civilized world? Why are the world keeping mute and allowing existence of Nigeria? Isn’t Nigeria a crime against humanity? A community burnt, properties burnt, and tomorrow if this people are armed to fight back, they will declare them terrorist. Isn’t what the Nigerian Military personnel did not a terrorist act? My heart is breeding, my pen and tears is crying for justice. Our land will never be taken forcefully by the Fulani Jihadist terrorist Army.

We reject Nigeria both in spirit and physical. Dissolve this crime against humanity now. Only Biafra will save us from this mess. I can’t stand this anymore. Let me drop my pen here because the pain in my heart is too much to bear.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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