By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers.) 
Edited By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu 
Restructuring issue in Nigeria did not start today; it has been there even before Nigeria / Biafra Civil war. It is the primary reason for that war. Ojukwu and Gowon went to Aburi on the 4th/5th February 1967 to restructure Nigeria, after the agreement in Aburi, Ghana for each region in Nigeria to go and govern itself. Gowon came back, and after being brainwashed by Britain, changed his mind and decided to go to war with Ojukwu, after 48 hours hence the Nigerian/Biafran war. 

During Sani Abacha's regime from 1993 to 1998, he did his restructuring, which did not see the light of the day. Also in 2005, Olusegun Obasanjo, the then Nigerian President wanted to restructure Nigeria without success. President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan was disorganized in 2014 with insurgency when he had the plans to restructure Nigeria with CONFAB. Arewa, Oduduwa, and Biafra are three distinct ethnic nationalities with different value systems. Lord Lugard, the creator of Nigeria, described them like oil and water that can never mix. He structured Nigeria to favour Arewa or Hausa/Fulani more than other tribes.

In the quest to Islamize Nigeria to enable them to take it all; the Arewas are not leaving any stone unturned. They want to plant the Fulani community in every state of Nigeria. They started by demanding for grazing land, when the people resisted; they renamed it to cattle colony. The people said no, they baptized it to cattle ranching, and then RUGA, which is Rural Grazing Area settlement and finally, it transformed into life stock transformation program. Now they are talking about restructuring, which they refused to accept earlier. 

In the new Nigeria E-Passport, there are pictures of cattle and Fulani herdsmen on it. Also on the Nigerian Army Logo, there is Arabic inscription on it. Hausa/Fulani have a specific way of achieving their Islamization agenda. They never get tired of trying or being in a hurry to get what they want, but they must get it either through intimidation or terror. If restructuring fails, they will still come up with another agenda because they can never stop trying. 

Of course, restructuring is going to fail. It will lead to Nigeria breaking up, which the Hausa/Fulani forbids or do you think that history will not repeat itself? Everybody knows what happened with Aburi Accord. The international community should know where the Nigerian government is coming from, that accepting restructuring is a massive scam. Initially, they will pretend to agree to it, in the process they will divert to another thing. 

Mohammed did it in Mecca and Medina, which are now the biggest Islamic cities in the world. Medina and Mecca were not initially Islamic cities, the Jews, and Arabic Pagans owned them. Mohammed went there to settle disputes amongst them, from there he diverted to another thing and put confusion and problems, and through that crisis, he conquered them. Finally, the solution to Nigerian problems and Islamization agenda is not restructuring, but complete breakup. 
Amalgamation has caused the country so many issues because the British never considered the well being of the people before the merger. They were only after their selfish commercial interest. The best thing is to go back to who we were before the coming of the white man.
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