It is a common saying that there is not hidden under the sun that shall not be made manifest in the course of time.

Although Britain had for a long time been committing subtle, covert, selective, and proxy genocide against Biafrans, from 1929, Britain had a chance of their life to exterminate Biafrans in an unmitigated, unrestricted, and uncontrollable manner between 1967 and 1970, and they Britain maximally utilized this opportunity to unleash a humongous, unconscionable, and unprecedented genocide against Biafrans, which remains, but for the Jewish holocaust, the greatest in magnitude, of human wastage in modern history.

For the avoidance of doubt, Britain carried out this Biafra genocide, together with her international allies, under the cover of Nigeria, with the lie which they presented to the world being that they were assisting Nigeria to bring back the secessionist part, namely Biafra, back to the nation, Nigeria. In the process of bringing "back the secessionist part", Britain, hiding behind Nigeria, together with her international collaborators, wiped away over six million Biafrans, in what appears to be a vendetta genocide.

Because of the strategic position occupied by Britain, both diplomatically and technologically, Britain was able to conceal this heinous, atrocious, abominable, sadistic, inhuman, and predatory act of exterminative genocide of Biafrans from the world. (The genocide appeared vendetta-like because Britain had never forgiven Biafrans for ending their colonial dance and banquet in Nigeria, coupled with the fact that the SWEET CRUDE OIL, which sustains British economy up to this minute, comes from Biafra, and Britain had been scheming to have unhindered and unfettered access to the Biafra OIL AND GAS, and they felt that the only way to achieve this was to kill off ALL the Biafrans, as they did in Australia). It may be necessary to add at this point that since the Biafra genocide was suspended (which they call the end of their so-called Civil War), Biafra OIL AND GAS has been under confiscation (with Nigeria as the smokescreen) of Britain. The same oil and gas have been the backbone of British and Nigeria economies respectively. This fact accounts majorly for why Britain has been doing all she can to conceal the Biafra genocide from the world, and equally completely divert the attention of the world from discussing, or even making mention of anything that will relate to the Biafra genocide.

But lately, and in recent times, Biafrans have been telling their stories by themselves, digging out all the buried atrocities of Britain and Nigeria against them, debunking, exposing, dismantling all the lies, distortions, and fabrications which have been sustained over the years, to keep the Biafra genocide off the front burner of the world discourse.

It was in furtherance of this Biafra genocide awareness campaign that the great IPOB family in the UK, organized and held the highly successful BIAFRA GENOCIDE EXHIBITION.

This exhibition, as the caption implies, was primarily aimed at drawing the attention of the world to the fact that a humongous genocide was committed against Biafrans by Britain and her allies, using Nigeria as a cover, in the name of Nigeria Civil War.

It was equally meant to bring the world to awareness, that Britain, being the creators, owners, and beneficiaries of the chaos, aberration, inhumanity, and toxicity that is Nigeria, is not only determined to divert the attention of the world from all their atrocities, but equally to sustain the graveyard, the cemetery, the abomination, and the evil forest called Nigeria.

The exhibition was highly successful in that it succeeded in exposing the hidden truths about the British criminality, atrocities, and continuing genocidal shenanigans against Biafrans.

It made the world to know how Britain used Nigeria to demonstrate their trademark starvation genocide against Biafrans, murdering over six million Biafrans in the process, with over three million of the victims being children and the aged.

In attendance at the exhibition were Philip Effiong Jr, the son of the late second Biafra president, General Philip Effiong, the highly revered Professors, who happened to be two among the topmost intellectual giants that attended the highly successful event, Professor Pamela M. Louis-Walden and Professor Ewa Unoke, both of whom came from America. To grace the occasion, and as well add great value, especially as regards the validation and authentication of many of the heart rending occurrences at the exhibition, were the Biafra veterans, (some of whom are still nursing the wounds of the genocide), a retinue of genocide survivors, many of whom broke down in tears, as they recounted their various ordeals, and most importantly, delegates of various humanitarian organizations, who brought the audience to tears, as they narrated the level of tyranny, sadism, inhumanity, and unconscionable genocidal exterminative murders, looting, vandalism, and pillaging, which Britain, together with her allies, used Nigeria to commit against the Biafrans, and misled the world into camouflaging the heinous crimes against humanity, in the deceitful nomenclature of Civil War. This, Britain did, to effectively divert the attention of the world from recognizing and probing the genocide that Britain committed against Biafrans, using Nigeria as a cover.

All in all, it must be stated that the exhibition was very successful, in that it achieved its aim of accentuating the awareness of the Biafra genocide, which is permeating the ignorant (or is it hypocritical?) world, for which Biafrans in general, and the organizers of the event, remain more than grateful.

Come quickly, Oh Biafra!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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