Biafra: Is Enugu State Now A Fulani Conquest?

■ Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 29, August ,  2019

I think it's necessary to ask this simple question which deserves a technical and a satisfactory answer,  regarding and considering the increase in number, the lawless and punditry manner of which the Fulani herdsmen terrorists operate in the capital city of the old eastern region, It's quite opprobrious that the strangers are now the landlords while the lords and the real landlords are now gearing to becoming slaves in their own land for they have no say anymore.

Victim Of Fulani Butcher 

In Ugwu Oba, a notable town in Enugu state, Hausa Fulanis are now the levy collectors in that area they bring in anything they want and also takes the share of the landowners, the worst part of it is that our people have given a sizable number of their daughters in marriage to this bloodthirsty Hausa Fulani barbarians.
In a community like Ugwu Oba, you can't plan a reprisal against this hellish and heinous Hausa Fulani without encountering sabotage because they have highly infiltrated our people over there, the same place was once set ablaze for power tussle between Hausa and Fulani on who to be the chief levy collector in another Man's land. In such a place will you call it a conquest or what?

The old eastern region which consists of the southeast and south-south geopolitical zones, surprisingly Enugu state has recorded more casualties from Fulani terrorist than all other states combined. Their targets are mainly villagers and clerics, I am suspecting that they may be responsible for the death of Prophet Anthony Nwoko.

On the fourth of August 2019, reverend fathers protested over the death of their Colleague who was murdered by Fulani terrorists Just imagine, indigenes protesting because strangers have been killing their comrade in their own land in a bad way, such a place will you call it a conquest? The indigenes, are they still in charge of their land?

My argument is based on contradistinction, everyone should note that since the Ukpabi Nimbo massacre till today no Fulani herdsmen terrorist has been arrested nor tried for perpetrating atrocities in the society, the whole of Enugu state is filled with Fulani terrorist herdsmen and their cattle and I will keep asking, is Enugu state now a Fulani territory?
The method of which Fulani used in establishing a caliphate in Kwara a Yoruba territory is still puzzling to many. 

Academically,  scientifically and technologically Hausa Fulanis are incapacitated and therefore backward but in terrorism and jihad, they're perfect.
After Benue and Kogi state their next target to establish a caliphate is Enugu state and from there spread all over Biafra land, during the 1967-70 war, Enugu failed under three weeks and Biafra lost the war because Enugu is in the enemies line the same is about to happen again history always repeats itself either better or worse.
Every indigenous and resident of Enugu should be watchful, resist and repeal every Fulani headsman terrorist never accommodate them because they are vipers and avoid infinite regret.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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  1. Only Biafra will save all of us.
    God bless IPOB.
    God bless Mazi Nnamdi KANU.
    God bless Biafra and all the Biafrans all over the world. Iseeeeeeeee

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