Biafra: Eldership And Leadership
In Igbo Land

■ Author : Eze Elijah Ifeanyi
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 22, August , 2019

The issue of leadership and eldership in Igbo Land is a thing of great concern, this is because Our so-called leaders and elders have failed to know their responsibilities as elders or leaders the so-called leaders and elders in Igbo Land believe that it is enough just to answer elders or leaders.
The fact remains that the present generation of Biafrans are not ready to fold their hands and watch their so-called leaders and elders wallow in stupidity and inferiority complex before their Fulani slave masters, the time has come for our youths to revolutionalize their feelings, as far as this present generation is concerned nobody should sell off our birthright and get away with it.

School children in Biafraland 

Senator Ike Ekweremadu has just received a part of his lesson in Germany last Saturday and this is just a signal of what will happen to any elder or leader who tries to sabotage the Biafra efforts both at home and abroad, Ndigbo and their elders have become vagabonds to the extent that they take their traditional festivals which are supposed to take place in our ancestral land to every part of the world to celebrate, Igbos in foreign countries have refused to come back home to honor their traditions rather they chose to celebrate their festivals in foreign lands.

Ekweremadu went to celebrate the new yam festival in Nuremberg Germany where they don't grow yam while our people are being killed by the Fulani terrorist herdsmen in their yam farms at home, those living in foreign countries especially Europe and America are enjoying the good conditions of living over there but our people at home especially the farmers are suffering vehemently in the hand of the Fulani terrorist herdsmen.

Today, IPOB worldwide have opted to teach our so-called leaders and elders lessons via public polite disgrace protest, IPOB has decided to restrict them from traveling to the developed countries of the world as far as they claim that all is well in Nigeria, a few people may be condemning the actions of IPOB members against Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Germany last Saturday, but they should also understand that there is no other way those shameless leaders can understand the feelings and suffering of the poor masses if not via such act which IPOB has exhibited last Saturday in Germany.
Therefore, any group or individual who may criticize IPOB for their actions may be considered as stupid or nonexistent.
Finally, IPOB and Nnamdi KANU remain the best and the backbone of Ndigbo and Biafrans in general. Therefore, IPOB needs to be hailed by all right-thinking Biafrans and Nigerians.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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