Biafra: Ebonyi State Belongs To IPOB - Notice To Dave Umahi

■ Author : Ebube Edochiem
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 19, August ,  2019

The recent proscription of IPOB in Ebonyi State by the state governor, Dave Umahi is one of the promises and plot made by the Fulani cabals in Aso Rock. It was in essence made as collateral to endorse Dave Umahi for the fake 2023 Presidency. Meanwhile to him,  he (David Umahi) is ignorant of the fact that he can never please these slave Masters of his.

About a few months ago, the same man was lamenting about the activities of the Fulani herdsmen in the state. It was reported on different news platforms of how Dave Umahi was cried out and explained how the herdsmen were trying to take over their lands in Ebonyi State. Note,  that these herdsmen have been rampaging the whole of Ebonyi State for more than four years now, and nothing has been done by the federal government of Nigeria to curb it off this insurgency.

Dave Umahi 

More so, the governor of the state Dave Umahi could not ban their activities in the state but was strong enough to battle/proscribe peaceful indigenous people of the land just because the Cabals promised him the 2023 presidential seat.
Dave Umahi should know that his Hausa Fulani slave Masters would only use and dumb him as they did to Rochas Okorocha,  the former governor of Imo State who during his reign, enjoyed all forms of amenities from the Hausa Fulani Masters. He was used to maiming, kill and destroy the implies but was later dumbed like refuse.

This should be a case study to Dave Umahi and  Other South-East leaders who are being used by the Hausa Fulani against their people. There is nothing like Igbo presidency come 2023, it's a mare fantasy which has been existing since  1999 till date. 

Ebonyi State belongs to IPOB because they are part of the Indigenous people.  The IPOB is the only people who have risen to defend the impending doom of the enemies,  IPOB is the only Structure that chases away the Fulani herdsmen in Biafra land, it was because of the resilient and courageous moves of IPOB that made the Benue people (Middle belt) plead on being part of us.

So, therefore, Banning  IPOB in Ebonyi is generally prohibited and rejected by us,  With our Collective efforts in all provinces of Biafra,  we must imbibe in Unity, therefore, Ebonyi State belongs to  IPOB.

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