Information reaching our Correspondent in Enugu state revealed the true account of why the people of Nenwe chased the Fulani cattle rearers out of their community. Contrary to the breaking news of a courageous Nenwe people who were said to have chased the Herdsmen away from their Community due to acts of terrorism, the truth has come to bare. The Hausa Fulani have been living side by side with Nenwe community in Enugu state for decades without too much fracas until that faithful day when they sent them packing.

The Fulani Herdsmen residing within their community had reported the Death of one their children to the community Chief and demand for a piece of land to bury the body. The Community Head demanded for a Cow as an exchange to their request and they both agreed. They Quickly returned with a little Cow but the Community rejected it and demanded for a big Cow befitting for the entire Community. They (FULANI) left with the small Cow and returned back with a sizeable Cow same day and they were allotted a portion of Land to bury their child.

This event turned into a big fracas when the Community decided to slaughter the Cow having given out land to the Fulani to bury their dead. As they slaughtered it, to their shock, the body of the dead Child was right inside the stomach of the Cow. The butchers took to their heels and there was commotion in the entire Community.

The Community Chief called for an Emergency Meeting and they agreed to chase the Fulanis out from their Community, Nenwe. This is the true story of that drama that took place on that day.

Question is: What has the Government of Enugu State done about this ugly incident in Awgu Local Government Area? Nothing.

Anambra State: In Nnewi one of the provinces in Biafra land, the Traditional Ruler, Igwe Kenneth Orizu the third, recently summoned all Nnewi people to an emergency meeting. The sole Agenda of the meeting was to warn the Youths against being tricked into selling off lands to strangers. He told them about the Ruga Project and why it must not be allowed to come near their Community. He alerted them of the terror and mayhem being carried out by the Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen who are using Money to buy off Community land from the indigenes in the name of Ruga Settlement. From this information, we gathered that there were land deals already going on between the naive indigenes and Fulani Herdsmen. But thanks to Chukwuokike Abiama, for the timely intervention of the Igwe which has nipped the evil plan in good time.

Imo state: In Oguta LGA of Imo State, the Fulani Herdsmen have taken over some of the abandoned Government Properties, one which is Oguta lake Golf Centre located in Ezombe. This resort has been turned into a Cow ranch by the Herdsmen. It's a fact that Ezombe Community in Oguta LGA is the biggest site for Fulani settlement. This Settlement must be checked by the new Imo State Government before it gets late.

The IPOB Media department of this Restoration struggle must sit up to the occasion and keep combing out vital information for our good. We must not neglect the part of Media in this critical time, if you are a media personnel in IPOB do the work of evangelism, tell the world the Truth and nothing but the Truth. The structure of lPOB is the only platform that people rely on in terms of True information.

God bless the Indigenous People Of Biafra


Reported by:
Mazi Tony Asomba
For: Anambra State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Anambra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Anambra State Media

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