Biafra: What is The Hate Among Ourselves For

Author : Mazi Ceedlings Chibuzor
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 15, July,  2019

1966 coup Ifeajuna has wrongly printed a saboteur because he was the evil but was willing to stop the evil virus which Biafra christen him a tornado beast----- Indictment The Dark Truth Why We Struck By Emmanuel Ifeajuna
where is freedom salvation? corruption and inefficiencies crowned with incompetence is the reason why we struck to stop infested Islamization of indigenous people by the premier of Northern Nigeria Amadu Bello.

Politics have become the best paying professional career in Nigeria ruined by nepotistic tendencies at the perils of the citizens, and our president Nnamdi Azikiwe was powerless living the military head of state Aguiyi Ironsi a conservative.   They used the army to terrorize the citizens and many law-abiding Generals were court marshaled to compel obedience.
After the military institution was prostituted, which should be sacred to defending the people.

And they expected we should go on the slaughtering of indigenous Yoruba and Middle Beltran, for few privilege criminals in power. By 1945 our people would say"I am a Nigerian, I come from kano". but by 1960 they say, "I am a Northern I came from kano". so events in Nigeria drifted.
Those who should direct the affairs of the state left the destiny of our people to the hopeless course of events.  And our people began questioning their faith if truly there is God presiding over the affairs of man in the world.

Do we have faith in UNITY? it is ironic to say yes!
if faith means in Nigeria it's inappropriate.  We plan the 1966 coup to enthrone an egalitarian society but couldn't see a United alliance by Middle Belgian and Fulani-Yoruba to killing 3.8m innocent Indigenous Biafran citizens.

The hates I earned by my blood (Igbo) speakers in Biafra is everlasting because nobody digested the complete truth and ignorance of events. I was the originator of the 1966 coup, Ifeajuna, and co.
definitely, we failed to enthrone an egalitarian society in Nigeria because the evil virus confused the actors and I was indicted and accused wrongly printed. The Biafra race doesn't face their common enemies but blames Everything that fights for their redemption. 

This hates we created divides us beyond boundaries and is a tempestuous Tornado destroying us as a people.  Never was such dereliction of understanding practiced in history but our people believe more in ignorance than fighting preservation of truth for humanity.
"We lost and had waited enough. Here, at last, was the challenge at our feet" and may Chukwuokike Abiama send us a unifying figure to correct our mistakes and liberate the Biafra Republic And Patriotic Africa Continent
am your most accused Patron Emmanuel Ifeajuna architect of 1966 revolution.
I stand on this journey of life Alchemy to advise IGBO RACE to maintain brotherhood in an objective of freedom for Biafra Republic Liberation for African Continent Egalitarian Society which our hates keep prolonging.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers .
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