Biafra: We Asked for the Abolishment of RUGA, not Postponement

Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, July,  2019

It's quite appalling, how the government treats the citizen with much disdain. This Buhari administration will always like to play the game with our brain thinking we are that gullible.

You brought up your devilish plan in the name of ruga settlement which the people unanimously rejected. what is left for you as a government which has the peoples mandate is to trash that decision which the people has rejected because this is a democracy?

Postponing ruga settlement instead of cancelling it is just like telling the people to keep ranting then when there are tired you will gradually implement your evil plan.
As a government that has the people's mandate and owing to the fact that this Democratic era, you ought to Listen to the masses. But if you don't accept the people's opinion, I  will then have to conclude that the allegations made by many saying this APC government came to power through back door are nothing but the raw truth.

What is happening in this Buhari administration was actually what Africans experienced during the time on Idi Amin Dada of Uganda. if I may say, this is a tyranny of the highest belittling the citizens. Why can't this government obey the people which is one of the main pillars of democracy? Why toiling with the intelligence of the masses of which highly profiled intellectuals are involved.
I will suggest we continue the flack on the regretful ruga settlement till the tyrannical government of Mohammed Buhari agrees to trash that worthless plan. The suspension is absolutely different from cancellation, I mean there is distinct between those two words . all we are seeking is the cancellation of ruga and not a postponement.

Any attempt to resume the implementation of ruga shall meet very strong resistance from the people but of course, I know this government are thirsty for blood and will always find a reason to kill people that's why they prefer postponement of ruga rather that the cancellation which is the peoples will.
Once again we should continue the campaign against ruga till that subjection plan is completely pooh-poohed.

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