Biafra: There is a need for revolution

■ Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 17, July,  2019

Nigeria has been in existence for hundred years plus since its creation in 1924 by Frederic lugard yet there is no positive result. The problem of the country is numerous and such the country is irremediable.
A country where animal life is placed above human treating human-like animal and animal like a human. There is no respect for the beauty of life (human) while democracy has been neglected and the constitution suspended.
As a government student I was thought that the main Pilar's and stronghold of  democracy are:

1. The people: there can't be a territory without, there must be people occupying a place before it can be called a territory and so human life should be respected, valued and ranked above every other thing in the territory. But the reverse is the case in the lunatic asylum called  Nigeria as there value the life of animal more than human life there prefer animals leaving in society than human. What a humiliation to the most valuable thing on earth ( human life)

2. The constitution which is a body of agreed rule and principle's upon which a country is been governed. Everybody in a territory most especially in a Democratic setting is expected to obey the constitution in other for everything to be in the line of descent. In a situation whereby the governing body of a nation has been suspended, the byproduct is anarchy and tyranny, such is the case in Niger right now.
There is nothing like rule of law nor separation of power, the executive is assumed to be supreme in Nigeria and every evil they do it with impunity. witch-hunting their opposition and criminals within them are immune and supreme to that law of the land.

Judiciary is said to be the last hope of a common man, both the rich and the poor rulers and the ruled are supposed to get justice in the court. In Nigeria, it's not so, rich and the rulers buy justice while the poor and the ruled gets humiliated and indicted.
Nigeria judiciary has been completely bastardized by the executive arm of government. Instead of them to judge people with the common law know to everyone, they rather prefer sharia law while the executive is flattered the injunction's issued by the few upright judges in the country and I keep asking, is Nigeria sharia, Islamic, or Fulani republic? What is going on I can't really explain.

The national assembly is the arm of government that makes the law, the power to confirm and reject executive nominees are vested on them they also have the power to impeach. In Nigeria national assembly what I'm seeing there is terribly rejected nominees are been retained by the executive while the national assembly remains taciturn and dumb because the executive is indirectly controlling them.
There impose their leaders on them including a well-known criminal in the country eg Uomo age while the rectitude ones are sidelined and subdued.

Another problem of the country is mendacity they will never tell them self's the truth. Indeed things have gone deeply wrong with the country  Nigeria, a hundred years old country can't even boast of a reliable system talk more of economic stability.
It's one thing to outline a problem and another to find a lasting solution to it, the country is dilapidated and decayed to its lowest ebb which is to say the nation is irremediable.

The conglomeration of non-congenial people can never work no matter how long they try to force themselves in and to remain one some class will still see themselves as born to rule while others are born to serve them.
Without mincing words, there is a need for a radical and nimble revolution in other to save millions of lives in the cataclysm called Nigeria.

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