Biafra: Ruga Settlement Another Weapon Of Warfare By Fulani Herdsmen

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 06, July,  2019

There is nothing we will not hear from this Islamic government of Nigeria ably led by jubril the imposter, first, it was Greasing reserve, Fulani vigilante and now Ruga Settlement, who knows what their next Agenda we be?

Does it mind-blowing how cattle rearing has become Federal government business if I might ask do Fulani herdsmen pay tax?.
What do they contribute to the economic growth of the zoological Republic of Nigeria?

Nigerians should wake up and revolt against these jihadist government, the Fulanis are here to conquer you and impose Jihadist on you.

Armed Fulani Herdsmen 

The same thing you see them doing today their founding father Usman Dan-Fodio tried it three hundred years ago but our ancestors resisted it, they Hausa and yours has already been conquered,the only place left for them is Eastern region and we must resist their vulcanization by all means, in other to enable them to implement their vulcanization and Islamization agenda our governor's, elites and traditional rulers have been bought,they are now using our people to fight us.

Make no mistake about this Ruga Settlement will spay doom if Nigerians don't resist it, and in there next generation they will learn how to respect the word of a true prophet,they should be grateful and thankful to ipob and it leadership for saving them from the impending doom Fulani herdsmen want to unleash on them,it's now clear to all sundry that Apc government ably led by Jubril the imposter is here for total Islamization of Nigerians,its now left for Nigerians to decide for themselves they path the will follow.

We must not allow this terrorist in power to distract our attention from the Ruga Settlement,we must rise up and condemn the Ruga Settlement,let stop being childish in issues that has to do with lives and properties,those of you sycophants protesting in Abuja over the Coza pastor don't you think it will favor you they more if you protest against  this Ruga settlement?

Is high time you cure your stupidity and ignorance,you are busy making noise while Fulani herdsmen is busy implementing their jihadist agendas,if you don't know, better know it now that your so-called governors have signed the Ruga Settlement, forget what you read on newspapers and hear from radio station and TV station,they are pretending not to know what is happening but believe me your governors knew very well the plans Fulani herdsmen have in store for us.

My anger towards Nigerians is that they choose to commit suicide with sniper rather than challenge the murderous vulcanization government of Jubril, they lack the capacity to reason properly and that's is why they are so frustrated,Nigerian is an entity created by the British government for there selfish interest,that is why it remains the greatest shithole ever witnessed by humanity.

The worst impunity to be witnessed by Nigerians is to allow Ruga Settlement in their territory nor Fulani vigilante,Nigerians should always learn from history because history always repeats itself, wake-up Nigerians and say no to Ruga settlement, defend your land against foreign invaders,this is a jihadist war against Nigerians and you have every moral right's to defend yourselves,It's not just about they Fulani herdsmen but it's about the Arab Nations,they have armed Fulani jihadist foot-soldiers with weapons  of warfare.

#Defend yourself against foreign invaders#
#Say No To Ruga Settlement#
#Self-Defense Is A Universe Right's #
#Self-Defense Activated #

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