Biafra: A Prophet Is Never Respected At Home

Author : Munachimso Nwankwo
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 07, July,  2019

"It must be excellent to be a prophet if people do whatever you say. So I spent a brief time wondering. how one became a prophet, and if there were any negative aspects to a prophet's calling. Having a flotilla of docile adherents was all very well, but prophethood would not be so fine if one was required to practice overzealous chastity or to cut one's heart in a ritual manner at the coming of winter.
 On the other hand, if one simply declared, "I am a prophet," and people bent themselves obsequiously to fulfil your slightest whim, that would not be a bad profession". Thus says James Alan Gardner.
The prophet of our own time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stood far from home trying to rescue the lives of his people by giving them prophecies of the evil that was plotted against them; unfortunately, he was incarcerated and castigated. Many spite on his innocent and cute face.

It will interest you to know that many of his prophecies have come to pass, the same people who never believed him years back have become the victims. What pains me is that those that believed him were also trapped in the ignorance of the unbelievers.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu he prophesied about the invasion of the Fulani terrorists far back 2014 but the people he is trying to get informed of what he foresaw ahead resisted his information instead of embracing it and combining team with him to fetch for the solution of the problems rather turn back and stood against him.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu IPOB Leader 

When the Nigerian government invaded his house, with the intention of kidnapping him, many of them jubilate and celebrated with the people that came to arrest him instead of rescuing their son from the hands of their enemies. We as the people who understood where his prophecies was pointing at stood up to the street to protest against the attack on this young man instead of our so-called elite to stand with us they stood against saying that we are jobless and useless youth paid to be killed, they even sent for the killing of innocent protesters.

Today his prophecies have come to manifestation. The current happenings these days, the people of Agbada Nenwe a neighbouring village close to  Emudo village under Enugu province and many people in Biafra land are now protesting heavily all over the town in the name of pushing off the Fulani cattle breeders out their town.
These so-called cattle breeders are of the evil they rape, kill and destroy properties of the indigenous people of which they intrude their hometown and the mindset of these so-called breeders is to Islamize and aswell Fulani the entire Biafra land in totality.

I think it has exceeded the point of protesting on the street because of the blood suckering demons since they have sworn never to let go. In my own point of view, putting an end to this invasion might turn bloody meaning it's a call for war, and here is where u stand. No wonder an adage states that "A prophet is never regarded in his hometown" we need to listen to the voice of this young man and as well dance to his tone it's going to help us all.

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