Biafra: Open Letter To Imo State Executive Governor

■ Author : Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 17, July,  2019

It is very crucial for me to use this podium to advise, plead, thank and direct a bonified son of the soil his excellency  Mazi Chukwuemeka Nkemakolam Ihedioha on the right path to play in order not to fail our people just like other governors did.
Igbo Governors has sold out and that's why they must face the wrath of God and the people , for the fact they killed Biafran people they must pay dearly in no distance time, that's the main reason I must advise you as a brother to tred on the right path not to fall a victim of this impending doom that is to consume all these evildoers within us.

I'm your good brother Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka, from Amakam Eziudo Ezinihitte Mbaise in Imo State Biafra land, who happened to be an IPOB member, IPOB is a global organization championed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been working hard towards Biafra restoration, IPOB is a self-determination group known around the world.

Chukwuemeka Ihedioha Imo State Governor 

Before I proceed I must congratulate you for your triumphant in Imo State 2019 gubernatorial election, I pray Okike will give you adequate wisdom to lead Imo State to a new dimension that will glorify Okike.
I have been observing with keen interest in the national diaries about your tremendous effort to emancipate Imo State, nevertheless I'm fully aware your the first Igbo Governor to reprove the implementation of Islamization, Fulanization agenda known as RUGA Settlement around the country most especially Old Eastern region otherwise known as Biafra, in other hands I commend you for flagging off the 9.8 Billion Naira Erosion control project at Uralla and also the reconsideration of Ideato South Sub-Power station all in Ideato North L. G. A Imo State , you assured us that you will promote Igbo culture, tradition and make Igbo Language a compulsory In schools within the State this is a welcome development , you must try hard to redeem your promises against our people especially our people who are looking up to you.
Mazi Emeka Ihedioha I know you must have heard about the complicity of Igbo Governors towards IPOB and Biafrans at large, on how they do evil beddings of Hausa/Fulani people by bringing Python Dance, Fulani Herdsmen and the militarization of Old Eastern region known as Biafra land which left numerous innocent people dead, these governors connived with our politicians and leaders to unleash mayhem on the people they meant to secure, therefore brought animosity of the people upon themselves, I must advise you not to follow their footsteps, because when Biafra comes they must pay dearly for their evil deeds . We the Biafrans are looking up to you now for support and I strongly believe as a bonified son of Mbaise your not going to betray us as other governors did.

Remember Mbaise is one of the stronghold of Biafra during and after the Biafran war and I'm sure you witnessed the War as a kid and your father and mother must be Biafra veteran, for the fact that Odumegwu   Ojukwu declared Biafra independence in Mbaise which is popularly known today as Ahiara Declaration is enough reason that Mbaise people are fully in support of Biafra independence, I strongly believe you will never contribute to the killings of Biafran people in Imo State and beyond, either directly or indirectly, though I know the nature of your office as a Governor, but the right thing must be done to help cement the restoration of Biafra in the political aspect.
Nigeria of today is more than hell to every sound mind, I’m sure it is nearly impossible for you to imagine your children, grandchildren or relatives to languishing in these abhorrent Nigeria conditions, no man would want his siblings beheaded, butchered, killed or forced to convert to Islam by Murderous Fulani oligarchy all in the name of one country, I think now is the right time to think home, restructuring or True Federalism etc can not bring peace to Nigeria because our value system differs and that's the main reason we must restore Biafra and allow these cow loving People to stay on their own and continue their kid Marriage, killings, cruel lifestyles. The earlier we work together to dismember from Nigeria the better we became safe.
Our great leader Nnamdi Kanu foresaw all these happening now but when he said it nobody believed him but everything he said is happening before our eyes.

Nnamdi Kanu is a selfless leader tested and trusted as a brother I will advise you to emulate his path and work hand in hand with him to towards this gigantic goal which is Biafra freedom, Biafra means the total restoration of the kingdom of God here on this Earth.
It has been confirmed by all and sundry that IPOB is truly working for Biafra restoration in other hand IPOB is one of the best things that ever happened to us as a people, IPOB is in over 88 countries of the world and I'm privileged and proudly one of them, I don't mind the unjust terrorist tag because it expose and confirmed that our people are treated unjustly in the Nigeria geopolitical space , IPOB has never killed anyone, IPOB is never a violent group that's why we are recognized all over the world by many countries government, one of our ethics is Civil disobedience and we strongly believe is a right path to get Biafra restored and also it is another means to send signal to the Government and to the world  to listen and heed to our plight.

Mazi Chukwuemeka Nkemakolam Ihedioha I want to plead with you not to allow Murderous Hausa Fulani people to use you against our people as they did to other Igbo Governors the likes of Okezie Ikpeazu, Dave Umahi, Willy Obiano, Rochas Okorocha, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, when the time is right these people are going to face the wrath of the people, i urge you to make law that will stop Islamization of our Land, restrict Fulani Herdsmen from killing and destroying our farmlands, stop criminal activities of the Police, Army, Custom and other security apparatus in the State. As Mbaise son of the soil never allow evil people in the government use you, also be outspoken against oppressors, evil and intimidation in all ramification, as soon as you do this I promise you that Biafrans all over the world will support your government randomly.

Majority of the 19 Northern Governors are fully supporting murderous Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram because they (Herdsmen/Boko Haram ) are driving their Fulanization/Islamization agenda, none of them have come openly to condemn their unjust killings of nonMuslims, that's an inescapable fact these monsters are championing their goals(Islamization) .
For this reason, you have every right to support IPOB openly or secretly, IPOB is ready to work with any genuine Politicians who is willing to work truly with IPOB Leadership in order to restore our motherland Biafra.

Chiukwuokikeabiama the God of our ancestors will continue to lead, bless, guide, protect, strengthen and direct you as you contribute towards Biafra restoration, we promise you that we the Biafran people will not fail you if you continue doing the right thing to free our people from this damnable contraption called Nigeria.
My plea to you is devoid of any political jargon, jabs or agenda. This can’t be about partisanship or blind allegiance rather it is right to step for the betterment of you, me and our entire generation.
I am watching and praying that you would use your leadership in service of the most vulnerable at this moment, and on this, our sacred stretch of highway, thanks.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers. 
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