Biafra: Leadership Failure In The Entire Region

Author : Uchechukwu I. Emmanuel
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 14, July,  2019

Old Eastern (Biafra) region  of the murderous Establishment called Nigeria Leader`s attitude towards the citizen of the region after the civil war, A case study shows that the above mention leaders are not too good in defending their people just after the Civil War because of what they stand to gain from the federal government of Nigeria. This causes their failure of been continued bad leaders to their own people. Rather they chose to welcome foreigners and tolerate them in detriment of their own people for greed and selfish interest without regard to what it might cause the whole region.

We also read in history such leaders in the past people like Dr. Nnamdi  Azikiwe who stood firm to make name and history on what he personally believes in without regard to how many millions of lives of his own people were lost, it doesn’t matter.

Today the same history continued in the life of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo leadership and the entire region governors and all other leadership as instituted by the Hausa / Fulani that owns Nigeria. We always see our leaders pride them self as been strategically situated, firstly having a common contact act with the Oga at the top in Abuja (presidency) as a gateway to travel abroad when it gets set. I assure them all it will soon get set.

Leadership in the entire region: unfortunately after the civil war till date the entire region have had the kind of leadership that is characterized by self-interest greed and internal wrangling that led to division or fraction forgetting that in unity we stand divided we fall. This situation has worsened matters. And that has created rooms for which the enemies have been exploiting to intimidating and hurting the entire region all over the years.

Because of the failure of our so call leaders each time there was a little misunderstanding in any part of the country between a Biafra and any other Nigerian the case is usually decided in favor of the other Nigerian that might come from Arewa or Oduduwa, while Biafra is always found at the receiving end while opportunity is not been giving to address the issue properly. Not minding the contribution of the person towards the development of the country socio-economic over the years.

I, as this writer or a Biafra, have my own leaders to blame or lambaste for their bad policies that have no room for her citizen in an emergency situation even if such person is found under threat or danger of been killed. Who cares? What about the loses, injuries untimely death of our youth in the hands of security agencies in our land, quite regrettable. The entire regions are now subjected to such ugly and economic sabotage.

I have to conclude this article by calling on INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA (I P O B ) leadership worldwide to put in place relevant authorities to quickly take the necessary step in addressing this pressing issues , if not, might lead to more calculated effort by the enemy to use our own people to invade our land. It is now clear that officially the name change from RUGA to:
"National Livestock Transformation Program.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
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