Biafra: The Insincerity Of The Nigerian Government

Author : Eze Elijah Ifeanyi
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 06, July,  2019

The Wife Of The President, Aisha Buhari Declared That She Doesn't Want To addressed as First Lady Again.

The insinuation or the rumor as some people may call it that the president of the federal republic of Nigeria,  Rtd General Muhammad Buhari is no longer alive is a fact that the current Fulani cabals in Aso Rock cannot hide. Any individual who still believe that president Muhammad Buhari is still alive may be believing out of ignorance or that the person needs mental surgery.

After Mazi Nnamdi KANU declared publicly in Anambra state during the state tour and campaign for election boycott that the man in the Nigeria seat of power is an imposter from Sudan by the name Aminu Jibril, he was called all sorts of names. And the haters of truth qualified Nnamdi's statement as a hate speech. Nnamdi, in turn, authenticated His speech by giving us the date and where Buhari died. But unfortunately, the political opportunists in Biafra land did not allow the gullible ones to assimilate this message of the truth. But the fact is that nothing is hidden under the sun.

Man butchered by Fulani Herdsmen 

OK, as the Fulani cabals found out that Nnamdi Kanu was sincere and more decisive in strapping the truth behind the imposter in AsoRock presidential Vila, they treacherously used the issue of Biafra and said that Nnamdi Kanu has created a government in government and for that, he must be stopped. So, they carried out the murderous attack on the residence of Nnamdi Kanu which is the palace of Igwe Israel Kanu . The traditional ruler of Afaraukwu Ibeku in Umuahia Abia province in Biafra land and the biological father of Nnamdi Kanu . During the attack, many of the IPOB members lost their lives including the younger brother to the Igwe Israel KANU who was there on a visit when the Nigeria combined force attacked the compound. But unfortunately, to them, Nnamdi through the special grace of Chukwuabiama escaped the assassination.

So, let me not digress too much.  After all these, the Nigeria seat of power started shaking. Because it was very clear to the cabals that the truth about who is sitting as the president of Nigeria is no longer a secret.

More so, Aisha Buhari. The wife of Muhammad Buhari issued a very touching statement during the Nigeria women gathering in a town hall at Abuja that the Nigerians especially the politicians are not man enough. In her statement, she said that only three men hijacked the government of Nigeria. But those parading themselves as the real owners Nigeria are incapable of asking questions. She continued and said that the achievement that her husband made in a year in power, those highjackers couldn't make it in 3yrs. My fellow Biafrans, how does this sound in your ears? What do you understand by this statement? Is this not enough to prove that the president(Buhari) is no longer alive? The question which every reasonable human being should ask Aisha Buhari is, where is your husband? Where did Buhari go after one year in office?

Another event that led some people to appreciate the fact that Buhari is not in existence anymore is the death of Alex Badeh. Alex Badeh as a truthful servant of President Buhari suggested in AsoRock presidential Vila that his master Buhari should organize a televised debate or how can I call it? To prove to the Nigerians and the whole world that he(Buhari) is alive. To prove that people have been lying on him and that he is not an imposter. That he is really Buhari but not Jibril as people insinuate. But this suggestion did not go well with Alex Badeh. When Alex discovered that he has created a problem to himself, he approached the wife of the President and presented his excuse. But the president's wife directed Alex Badeh to Alhaji Abba kiary by saying that it is only Abba kiary that can settle the matters once and for all.

The question we need to ask Aisha Buhari on this matter is: Where did Alex Badeh go wrong by giving such godly advice to your husband? Why did you say that Abba kiari is the one that has the final say on the issue that was addressed to your husband who is the president?  After, they gave Alex Badeh alive(short holidays) and ordered him to go and stay in his village. And that was how Alex was assassinated in his home town in cold blood. They finally tried to deceive the gullible Nigerians by declaring that Alex was assassinated by unknown gunmen. This was only because they thought that Alex was the person that was revealing the secrets of Aso Rock to Nnamdi Kanu .

Moreover, the wife of the so-called president of Nigeria declared last week that she is no longer interested in answering the wife of the president  and she has rejected the name in its entirety. Let me ask again, are those events above not enough as evidence to prove that Gen. Muhammad Buhari has died and is being replaced by an imposter? Let's remain convinced.

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