A Call For Igbo Biafrans To Rise Up Against The Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen

■ Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 25, July,  2019

I always weep deeply in my heart whenever I remember the security state of the Igbo nation the safety of our land is in jeopardy, our leaders are fiddling while Rome burns, the Masses are chasing after shadows while Fulani terrorist herdsmen are very busy occupying our land.
As it stands now, Enugu state and Delta state has the highest number of Fulani terrorist herdsmen remember those states are boundary states, the Fulani terrorist herders are committing great impunity in those places.

I once visited some parts of Enugu State, Nkanu L G A to be precise while I was going around some communities like Nkerefi I saw Fulani terrorist herdsmen grazing their cows in an old woman's farm a woman I believed to be a septuagenarian, and what the woman and other people there did was to run away but I was like why are you running? Cows are grazing on your farm which is your only means of livelihood and all you can do is to run away? can't you chase them away? Their response was they will kill us, I had to investigate further and I found out that in Eziagu local government once you sight cows grazing on your rice farm all you need to is to run away or they Fulani terrorist herders will kill you if you try stopping them.

Someone butchered by Fulani Herdsmen 

Aged men and women have succeeded in building this fear in their children that once you come close to a Fulani herder you may get killed, Fulani herdsmen are now the lords of those areas, but is it not better to die a brave man? 
When the means of your livelihood on this earth has been destroyed by Fulani herdsmen are you still alive? 

Why can't you summon the courage to protect your land?In anioma delta state I witnessed a case where a Fulani herder was telling a farmer that he(Fulani terrorist herder ) will kill the farmer simply because of the farmer on sighting some cows grazing on his farmland, he rushed and told the Fulani herder to leave his farm and stop destroying his crops. Considering the menace these Fulani herdsmen have caused in our land I have come to blame mostly our traditional leaders and political elite for accepting and allowing the terrorists Fulani herdsmen into our land to kill and rape our women.The Okpanam traditional ruler Mbanefo Ogboru ( Ugo Ani) once told some people that he grew up and studied in Okpanam so therefore he must accommodate Fulani in Okpanam he also told some IPOB delegates who paid him a courtesy visit that he's not in support of separation (Biafra) but restructuring, today he can't even raise his voice to clamour for the so-called restructuring talk more of refusing Hausa Fulani.

All the forest in delta state anioma to be precise are taken over by Fulani herdsmen, Towns like Okpanam, Issele azagba, ugwashi ukwu, Akwukwu  Igbo, Allah, etc are now a stronghold of Fulani herdsmen.

The Biafra Nigeria genocidal war would have lasted for more than 10yrs if not that Enugu was captured in the early stage of the war, Enugu and Delta are in our enemy line once they conquer these two States, the Igbo nation will shrink, they find it very easy to cross to those two States, as it stands now the two states have been ruined by Fulani herders. Allowing Fulani terrorists herdsmen in our land is just like nursing a viper in one's bosom which will definitely hurt us one day if we don't act very quickly, We should be very careful with Fulani terrorists herdsmen for they have infiltrated us.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers. 
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