I am responding to this PHOTOSHOP image here not because of the late "Prophet" Nwoko is known by me, but because of the fact that this man should be given a fair post-mortem attention as any would desire to be treated.  What worries me is frantic efforts by some individuals with high criminal tendencies who want to hide under false "concern" to trade on this late man's misfortune. 

From unsubstantiated finger pointing on IPOB over the man's demise, which they having failed to present evidence, criminally moved to soliciting for "burial donation" which only God knows how much they duped Biafrans in the name of the late man who they never cared for while he was alive.  While we are waiting to hear of how they used the money for the man's burial and the bereaved family, they have come up with drama of the century. 

In IPOB, everyone is a detective and also a media fellow.  The below picture is a PHOTOSHOP with poor intelligent touches and I will explain to details here using colour presentation.

 Carefully look at the colour blue axis or part of the body.  Was the body blood dried before he was "assassinated"? No blood flows, the items on the tables intact and no disorganisation of the items due to struggling with life? The white and yellow items there not even dainted with blood. May be this is a case of iced body. No part of the body touched with blood only the pasted head. So, the man didn't even have his hand touched with blood?  Poor work from idiots who can't be smart on graphic work.


So, the dead man never had blood that can touch the floor?  Or he mobbed his floor off the blood after his death? Stupid and poor work

What was giving that illumination on the dead body's finger?  What is shining that light there?  Where is that reflection coming from?  So, the dead body is holding touch?  Or is it a case of computer generated reflection?  Chaiiii.... Mpa Nwoko, bialee ihe ndi ikporo ndi nkegi na emegi?

Finally, what happened with the first picture where he wore white trended by these merchants?  Did the late man suddenly moved from being strangled to death as the white photo showed to being butchered?  Fraudsters everywhere playing with a dead man's body. Ndi oshi.

Written by:
Chika Austin
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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