When one extortioner, fraudster, magician, sorcerer, con man, and spiritist called Bishop Glory Nonsense, requested that Biafrans should forgive the war criminal, the mass murderer, the arch genocidist, the self-imprisoned prisoner of his own atrocities, and the unremorseful, unrepentant, and unforgivable moron, Gowon, we responded as below.

I consider it a direct or indirect mockery, to the point of urinating on the grave of innocent, helpless, hapless, and vulnerable Biafrans, for any person to conceive, nurture, or utter the idea of forgiving a murderer, a terrorist, a barbarian, a savage, and an unrepentant genocidist like the zombie, Gowon.

Apart from the crocodile tears Gowon has shed a few times, he has spent the rest of his life, either rationalizing or justifying his British instigated genocide against Biafrans, or exonerating his murderous, envious and jealous Yoruba and other Nigeria collaborators, or blaming our ingenious and visionary legend and hero, the great Ikemba, or boasting about his "gallantry", or threatening another round of genocide against Biafrans.

When did Gowon call a press conference, be it local or international, to express his regrets for murdering innocent Biafrans who had run home to their places of nativity? When did he express any remorse at all, even a hypocritical one? When did Gowon ever any form of apology, outside few occasions of wanting to deceive a few people who may have invited him to Biafra to see if he could be reasonable, (but he usually ends up in placative half-hearted mumbles, has he ever shown any repentance?

On no account should any form of forgiveness be contemplated, nor considered, nor conceded, without any genuine repentance. If Gowon likes, let him pray from here to New Zealand, it can't change the fact that he is a mass murderer, arch genocidist, moronic zombie, and a war criminal, who Biafra and Biafrans can never forgive. Nemesis has already begun to demand its debt from Gowon, which he must pay in full.

Come quickly Oh Biafra!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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