Despite all the attempts by some Groups to subvert the directive in Rivers State, it is worthy of note that there was total lockdown of major economic nerve centres in Rivers State on May 30th 2019.
It is on record that weeks into 30th of May, some Groups sprang in Rivers State giving several orders to the people with intention to thwart the effort of the Indigenous people of BIAFRA. Some of such Groups came up with threats of going to declare a Republic of Niger Delta on 1st of June, while others challenged the authority of IPOB over Rivers State people.

As 30th May came, I became very much interested in the compliance in Rivers State and to my satisfaction, Sit-At-Home was a success. Evidence of obedience by Rivers State people abounds.
Some recorded Videos were shared from the States Media personnel. The Ikoku market was on video and our correspondent who covered the market interviewed a Trader who confirmed that they were observing a Sit-At-Home in honour of their fallen Heroes and to press for the restoration of BIAFRA.

Mile 1 market is about the biggest market in Rivers. Photos of shutdown was all over the media. Obigbo, a Local Government in Rivers was not equally left. The entire area was completely shut down. Photos and videos were all over the media exposing the level of compliance. Okrika was captured on that day on video and hundreds of photos. The people shutdown their markets in compliance. 

In summary, the Rivers State people respected the command because they have come to see truth in the call for a BIAFRAN state. The marginalization and economic strangulation in the region were hitting hard and the only option is Freedom from Nigeria.

This year's Memorial event, like always, was aimed at telling our story, owing that the NIGERIAN Government appears to ignore the circumstances that took over 5m lives. If the world recognize and criticize what happened to the Jews (Holocaust) and Rwandan (Genocide), one wonders why it is so difficult to recognize what happened to Biafrans in Nigeria. This is why we must continue to press until BIAFRA is restored. Without BIAFRA, life is meaningless to the average person existing in BIAFRA Land.

On this note, we appreciate the people of Rivers State for their kind response to the instruction to Sit-At-Home and honour their dead ones.  This is not the end of it. The struggle continues, and until we restore BIAFRA, there is no going back.

BIAFRA is all we need to stay alive in dignity and away from the snares and horrors of the Terrorists marauding with full support of Government. BIAFRA is all we need to open up all the Seaports in BIAFRA Land. BIAFRA is all we need to open up all the Airports in BIAFRA Land to a total International flight round the world and boost our economy.

BIAFRA is all we need to fix all the connecting Roads and Rail-Lines in BIAFRA Land for speedy economic development. BIAFRA is the only solution to equip the Educational sector and groom world best brains for our Humanity. Without BIAFRA, we are going to be sent on extinction by NIGERIA, going by the present forceful occupation and expansion of the FULANI government of NIGERIA.

Thank you once again, for respecting your fallen Heroes.

God bless the people of Rivers State

God bless the Indigenous people of BIAFRA

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Come quickly, Oh BIAFRA.

Written by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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