Nnamdi Kanu: There is the Zoo called Nigeria, anybody who says he is a Nigerian, is an animal, sure you know that. Some of us are not ashamed to answer the name that was concocted. NIGERIA means the lowest of the low. A land of niggers. Those who are abandoned. That's the meaning of Nigger Area Nigeria that you answer. You are not ashamed of yourself and you say you are a Nigerian.

Can anybody tell me the meaning of the word NIGERIA that you are so proud of? The woman that gave you the name saw you as a baboon. Some of you wonder why Africa is always poor. Every year poor. The poverty in Africa is making it impossible for white people to respect black people in America. Don't you know that? The reason why Europeans are respected in America is because Europe is doing well. You respect Japan in America because Japan is doing well. Some of them come to America on a Visa waiver. The only country without privilege is Africa. Yet it was ruled by white people for so many years.

The question is this? What is your purpose on this very earth? Is it to be a Slave and servant after that your children takes over from you and after that your children children in perpetuity? As you think you are giving birth to your children and you send them to Harvard or Yue you are giving birth to future generation of slaves in America. The reason being that Africa is horribly bad, that nothing good comes out of it.

The white man came from Europe, came into our land and said, you, you, you from today your name is NIGERIA and nobody asked questions. Ask yourself this very question: do you think that as an African you can go into Europe and say to them, you you you, from today, your name is Europa, can you do that? No no no! That means you are not equal to white man. It means you are inferior. There are things he can do to you and you cannot do to him. That makes you inferior. There is only one Solution. That solution is BIAFRA. I say the solution is BIAFRA. The solution of is BIAFRA. The solution of in Africa is BIAFRA.

Everything I told you came to pass, only one thing is remaining and that is BIAFRA and I assure you that BIAFRA will come.

You are the finest of the finest. I am very very proud of whom I am. I consider myself very lucky to have been born a BIAFRAN and that is why I am very proud of BIAFRA. I will die a Biafran and that is why until this BIAFRA flag is raised up and that is why we shall be free. The same thing they did to Azikiwe that they are doing to all of us. Zik was begging them to go to school they said No. The same thing Good luck Jonathan did.

Reported by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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