Biafra : Referendum A Necessity

■ Author : Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 15, June,  2019

For the fact that Igbos are championing the agitation for the Restoration of Biafra doesn't mean that Biafra is an Igbo affair.
The British shared Biafran territories like a piece of national cake to other countries and states in Nigeria outside the Eastern region.

The following territories are also part of Biafra, but now outside the old eastern region;

👉Bight of Biafra: which was changed to Bight of Benin is Biafran territory;

👉 South-South which was the Niger Delta of Biafra is now carved out of the Eastern region.

👉Oil-rich Bakassi peninsula is Biafran territory but was signed off to Cameroon by Obasanjo.

👉Southern Cameroon was carved out of Biafra land by the British and was given to Cameroon just like that without even a referendum.

👉Northern Gabon is also Biafran territory, but was carved out of Biafra land and was given freely to Gabon.
  Coming down to Nigeria,
👉Benue state, parts of Kogi, Edo, etc are all Biafran territories.

Go through the ancient map and confirm for yourself because we're not living any stone unturned.

The referendum needs to be conducted in all these places so that the indigenous people of these Territories will decide their fate whether they still which to be part of Biafra or not.

IPOB(Nnamdi Kanu) did not make any mistake by asking for a referendum so that nobody, notably, the Niger Deltans will say that Biafra was imposed on them.
Therefore, be the focus because the referendum is a necessity, no stone will be left unturned.

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