Biafra: Better a Little Caution Than a Great Regret

■ Author: Mazi Ceedlings Chibuzor
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 26, June 2019

We can't afford to be without adequate protection in Biafra land, as our dream and aspirations as a people seem uncertain and in gloomy! each passing day our Governors sale our Biafraland on the altar for political correctness, to be accepted by the caliphate headed by sultana of Sokoto.

The 1966 January 15th coup was a warning to the present Generation of Biafran citizens, during the autumn of the Fulani Jihadist Fundamentalism headed by Amadu Bello the premier of Northern Nigeria from NPC party; he happened to control the then prime minister of Nigeria Alhaji Tafawa Belewa. it was out for Islamization of Nigeria which failed.

Today, the Fulani-Yoruba completely have United against us to lead a Jihadist movement which won't succeed but claim lives as usual. "The professor of the future is the past", and Biafrans must see this threat as a Genocide. Goodwill judges us if we fail to protect our heritage as a people and history will condemn us totally if we fail to respond accordingly.

Progressive Biafran citizens and People Of Good Will, in the autumn of the civil war in 1966 Col. Ifeajuna and 8 other officers with Col. Kaduna Nzeogwu started a Revolutionary transformation of Nigeria from the impending dilapidated condition of Corruption, Nepotistic government, and murder of innocent Indigenous People Of Yoruba and Middle Beltran. It was truly acid reflux to see Awolowo and the Yoruba with the entirety of the Middle Beltran turn against the people who fought to stop their extermination from the radical Islamic group of the Fulanis.

We need unity not will power. Majority of our People thinks will power we give us the Biafra Republic! What is Will Power? Will Power is a possibility of determined people's in a course they believe in, which is only possible when there is a force of unity. We have to shift thinking mindset inbox and also think out of the box. This has to start we Igbos respecting opinions of other tribes which makes up the Biafra Republic and the phrase"saboteurs" has to stop because it's undermining this Freedom Movement Led by IPOB Leadership and the great Families of IPOB Worldwide.

It's crystal clear that Biafran citizens all over the world which to leave the decoy called"Nigeria", and all hands must be on deck to make this unity works; this we have to do by creating a new civilization oriented approach away from hate exercising speeches as seen in our Youths today
Igbos hating Ijaw and Akwaibom hating Itsekiri, which is also a  problem for the Efik. We need open arm reconciliation as a people and it starts with individual forgiveness of self.

Where a determination is, the way can be found. Let us unite our collective purpose by respecting those who are bringing out their time and resources to help this course of Freedom Championed By IPOB Leadership, with the humanity driving Leadership style of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Ohamadike I Of Biafra Republic let everyone including myself be genuine and determined to this course without distraction. We will fight this time bomb (Fulani herdsmen) to a standstill if we speak in one accord, loving ourselves and helping one another. May we be prepared for the storm gathering cloud of war, and be ready to respond to the humanist call.
Am Progressively Yours In The Holy Science Of Fearless Freedom, and a proud Jewish Alchemist  White Brotherhood Of Saint AFRA

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu writers.

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