By Arinze Chukwu (Abia Writers.)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
The level of injustice in Nigeria today is something that may lead to a severe provocation in no distant time between the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Nothing can easily cause provocation than injustice, especially where there is a difference in things like religion and tribe. What is provocation? Provocation is something that incites, instigates, angers or irritates, actions that can to killing in hot passion and without deliberation ( Provocation is very simple to mention but can lead to war if not properly handled. For instance, to react while being provoked is a natural phenomenon of human beings, as in such situations, people generally lose their power of reasoning. They do not consider the result of their reactions. Very often this kind of attitude in life leads to arguments, confrontation, fight, punishment, retaliation and etc.

The way the world powers are handling the injustices in Nigeria may lead to a provocative move by some region especially the Indigenous People Of BIAFRA. Delay can be dangerous, that is to say, that the earlier, the better. Keeping quiet can never do any good to the citizens. The United Nations are holding meetings upon meetings but can not address the issue of Biafra, this alone can discourage the peaceful freedom fighters and make them engage in violence since it seems their cry for freedom cannot be heard by the important people of the World. ECOWAS, AU, EU etc. are keeping quiet in other to make the people forget about Biafra agitation, that systematic move cannot gain any ground because Biafrans are heading to a dangerous revolution if time is not taken.

Mazi Justice ude, from Nkporo, Ohafia, Abia province, Biafraland was arrested for more than four months now, and he is still in DSS custody and under detention without taking him to court for a trial. Why is the Nigerian government doing this, is it because he is a Biafran? The people from the old Eastern region (Biafra) are getting angry over the Nigerian government way of treating them. Free Mazi Justice Udeh, now, for peace to reign or face the wrath of God through the action of the people. Mazi Emenike was also kidnapped from his home in Enugu, till date, more than four months, he has neither been brought to court nor released by the DSS. So many Biafrans were abducted, tied like common criminals and they have not been heard from since their abduction more than four months ago. we are talking about recent cases here, many innocent Biafrans have been in their dungeon for years.

Since Biafrans are not treated the same way with the North, the country should be divided, and the component Nations can still live as good neighbours, can do business together and develop at their different paces, than to break up with violence which can only keep the enmity growing. Then my question for the world powers, is which part do you all want from the people, Peace or violence?

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