The British contrapted entity called Nigeria was structured to fail under the service of egocentric interests of the colonialists. The Hausa-Fulani oligarchical British slaves/puppets are strenuously working to please their lords at the detriment of diverse indigenous owners of the land. The so-called independence of Nigeria is nothing but a scam. Nigeria in reality, is gravely tied to the apron spring of Britain in every ramification. The British government still controls virtually all the affairs and activities of Nigeria, for their own selfish aggrandizements.

At 58 years, starting from 1960, Nigeria claimed to have regained her freedom for self-rule from Britain. In these long years of existence, there is absolutely nothing beneficial to the people to show nor celebrate. Nigeria contrapted in iniquity, has heightened retrogression, pain, deprivation, sorrow, embezzlement of public funds, unemployment, poverty, injustice, criminality, terrorism, hardship, impoverishment, killing, dehumanization, nepotism and marginalization against the people. There are hopelessness and gloominess across the land.

The events and activities prevalent in the political, social, economic and religious life of Nigeria are grievously disgusting. They endanger the survival of the people either directly or indirectly. The poor gets poorer and helplessly emasculated. This is a country where killers are glamorised, worshipped and treasured with outlandish recommendations. A country where legal/democratic norms and opinions are demonized and bastardized. The wishes of the people are ridiculed and raped with reckless abandon. Nigeria is a country where dictatorship hold sway and the conscience of men seared and made negatively impactful as a standard. These are at variance with what obtains elsewhere amongst genuine independent/civilised nations of the world.

Celebration of independence in Nigeria, is celebration of deaths and mass burials. There exist all sheds of evil in this British enterprise. And with the fastly evolving demonic enterprises in the land, Nigeria has truly met her waterloo. The end of is come for all the indigenous people groups (ethnic nationalities) to pull back to their original states for the realization of their God-given purposes. It is a big shame that people would yet be delighted, celebrating delusion and an expired entity that has absolutely nothing positive and meaningful to offer to the citizenry. Such celebrants deserve no pity or comfort as they intently or misguidedly but treacherously, add to the woes of their fellow humans.

Nigeria at 58, is celebrating jaundiced and slavish independence which hinge on the calamitous pogrom orchestrated against Biafrans. The more this evil celebration continues, the more the increase in the rate of criminality in this contraption. The Nigerian government take pleasure in the steady killing and death of the Biafran people and those who are supposed to stand opposed to this malicious enterprise, remain conveniently and disappointedly mute and reluctant.

Premised on the above, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have courageously, boldly and uncompromisingly, insisted on the restoration efforts for the total exit of Biafra as a sovereign nation from the Nigerian evil enclave. The centre, can no longer hold. The people of Biafra globally, have been duly liberated by Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty) Himself, to dwell in a free nation here on earth where there will no longer be oppressions and deprivations.

Biafra has historically been in existence thousands of years before the British contrapted Nigeria came on stream in 1914. And in this restoration project, this generation of Biafrans remain readily undeterred in getting our homeland and inheritance fully reclaimed. We are duty bound to unequivocally, support the restoration efforts of our leaders under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Our unwavering commitment to the upcoming Biafra referendum, on our steady match to our freedom as a people. Biafrans of all generations including our unborn children must surely be free from the shackles of Nigerian enslavement and falsehood.

Biafrans, arise and take hold of what rightly belongs to you. There is no better time for it, than now!

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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