By Nwabunwanne David (Abia writers.)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
Nigerian cabal is on it again, there is fire and fury in Biafra land over the outcome and the declaration of the so-called justice Binta Nyako and the revocation of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s bail without looking into the premise and the circumstance that led to his absence from the court. Is she a Judge, and who is she working for? On which premise is she standing on, to revoke the bail? What kind of Draconian law is she standing on?

Where are the Christian judges in this enclave called Nigeria? Are we just blind to things that are happening before our very eyes? Is it that we are cowards? Do we now agree and we had refused to talk because it does not belong to us and because it is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or it is Biafra issue? Do not forget that, this so calls Fulani shenanigan is going to hit everyone like dynamite, the earlier you get it right, the better for everybody. 

Who would have told the Executive Governor of Imo state that had played the Ostrich just to satisfy his master, that at this nick of time, he will be dropped or somewhat abandoned by his masters? He has suddenly realized that Biafrans are marginalised. He is now jumping from one media organization to another, trying to let the world hear his voice. Unfortunately for him, his former masters have no conscience, once you are dropped, they will feed you to the wolves. their attack dogs, EFCC, ICPC and the DSS are encircling Rochas Okorocha. The immediate past Governor of River state, Rotimi Amaechi who is already digging his grave and building his dream on an imaginary castle is the next in their firing line. Someone should jolt him back to the reality that a Biafran will only be used against his people and dumped when the Fulani are tired of him. 

What about one of the backbones and the confidence of the South-South justice Onnoghen, who is already on his way to his forced resignation and retirement, did he raise a voice to condemn the unjust treatment meted out to fellow Biafrans? Now, what is his fate? Your guess is as good as mine, not happy at all. who is taking over from him? A sharia court judge who was not even called to the Nigerian bar. where have you seen a sharia court judge who was never part of the secular judiciary taking over as the chief justice of the federation in a secular state? This move and many others like it go a long way to point to the direction Nigeria is heading, but many Christians blinded by material things are too blind to see.

Has it not come to your brain and thinking that Sharia judges are wholly out on the bench to replace the secular Judges that we know today in Nigeria. Why must all Men keep quiet? Do we all now keep quiet to sell the future of our Children over financial racketeering? Remember this word of mine that, when you rob people of their hope, you had automatically robbed them the WILL to fight for their future. If we all keep quiet to this Fulani hoax and drift to it, you are about to cry a widow's cry that is left with no helper that will lullaby her. Many numbers of Islamic judges have been arraigned for the great day of the Islamic judicial takeover. The positions of the secular judges are on the line. It is really going to be a great rendezvous.

Christian judges, where are you, will you just keep quiet on this, where is that divine power Christ initiated? You are all doomed forever if nothing is done now. Where are the men and women of great faith? You are too docile to my liking, and you have no powers anymore. The country is getting stinkingly worse by the brooding maggots because of your inactivity and redundancy. You never like this country, and no one is ready to sacrifice for this country, you are all miserable. 

Generations yet unborn will never forgive this selfish, lax and hoax generation that neither think nor reason. You have all missed the way. How could you have tolerated this Islamic religious bigotry, that finds pleasure in killing the innocent citizens, raping and maiming everyone and never wants anyone to raise the head? You enemies of freedom, you extreme leftists you have no place in 21st-century civilization. When real Men are thinking of how to make life better, investing in the moon and other satellite discovery. You are thinking about how to quiet a freedom fighter that is working for today and yet unborn generation, you may be insane to be thinking absurd. Why can't you be rational? Unfortunately, you can't have your way.

The world can't afford to keep quiet to allow these bigots get their way, because life and the destiny of Men and Women that are trapped must be salvaged. I meant that the world must listen, to put an end to this endemic trouble and frustration of Men and Woman in Biafra land.

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