By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos
Edited By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu
In the history of Igbo Biafrans, they have no traceable connections to Lagos except regular business, journey for greener pastures due to artificial hardship meted on Igbos by denying them essential amenities. Federal Government-designed marginalization and ugly outcome of 1967 to 1970 Nigeria / Biafra war resulted in the mass exodus to Lagos, Northern parts of Nigeria and outside the country.

 Over 80% of Biafrans ignorantly refused to relocate their fruitful businesses and large investments to Biafra land while a very sizeable number of them decided to marry in a strange land more especially Yoruba land without remembering their routes including their offsprings, automatically and foolishly claiming to be Igbo Lagosians. The Igbos entirely developed Lagos, Ogun and the Northern states and left Biafran land underdeveloped.

Series and uncountable warning and prophetic messages have been given to the so-called Igbo Lagosians by two Biafran leaders and spiritual men who see tomorrow; the people's general Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu and the supreme leader of I.P.O.B, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. All words of wisdom and advice they gave to these Igbo Lagosians failed to penetrate the deaf ears of unreasonable Igbo Lagosians until the Yoruba started unveiling what they have in stock for them. The Yoruba showed them their real colour by boldly making them know that they are not indigenes of Lagos state through wicked action like molesting them, torching their shops and systemically looting properties and long-time investments. 

Even Yoruba traditional elders, Statesmen and top government officials are all in this conspiracy. They engineered their youths to frustrate, run down Igbo businesses and as well harm them in other to force them to abandon their properties, mortgage their hard earned properties to selfish Yoruba. A lot of adverse actions have categorically pointed in all the directions that Yoruba don't want Igbo Biafrans. Even when the Igbo successfully developed both Lagos and Ogun state still the hatred is publicly pronounced and is written all over them. Despite all this, Igbo Lagosians bluntly refused to understand the handwriting on the wall. Below are the unbearable actions that woke about 60% of Igbo Lagosians including the ex-football star, Kanu Nwankwo:

During 2015 presidential and gubernatorial elections, Oba Akiolu of Lagos state threatened to throw the whole Igbo Lagosians into the Lagos lagoon if they fail to vote for APC, his preferred party. After the massive threat on Igbos, there was widespread persecution in Lagos including the torching of their shops and houses. The Lagos state government encouraged looting while the shops were being torched.
In the last regime of former governor of Lagos state and current minister of power, Babatunde Fashola, he deported lgbos from Lagos down to Anambra state, the Onitsha head bridge which no Igbo politician, so-called men of God and self-acclaimed Igbo elders and Ohanaeze Ndigbo ever condemned the callous Yoruba action which is also a general insult to Igbo race.

After the election, there was this trending conversation between Northern senator Farouk Adamu and Tunde where they marshalled out their plans on how to deal with Biafrans with economic torture, making them irrelevant and sideline them politically in the scheme of things in Nigeria. In the year, 2018, the Lagos state and Yoruba indigenes protested and wrote on their placards that all Igbos should go back to their various states, that Lagos state belongs to only Yoruba alone. The case of the football legend and once Africa footballer of the year Kanu Nwankwo's hotel (Hadley) saga where all his football laurels were stolen by Yoruba hoodlums and Lagos state government is seriously warming up to take over his hotel. The ex-super eagles' captain was crying like a baby begging the Lagos state government not to seize the hotel.

The wave of the moment is the swamp that was sand filled by senseless Igbos living in Lagos known as Lagos Trade -fair market Complex was sealed for sometimes now by the Lagos state government using Bola Ahmed Tinubu's daughter as the front banner. Lagos state government systemically lured the ear blocked Igbo Lagosians to engaged in the multi-million dollars project where the Igbos built the biggest market in West Africa with official agreement of 99years and also reminded them that a stranger remains a stranger.

The latest news is the life-threatening message by Adeyinka grandson on Igbo Lagosians; the threat has raised dust that attracted lots of comments from the diaspora and within Nigeria. The record has it that during and after the election more than five Igbos were killed in Lagos state by Ahmed Tinubu and APC thugs. In the same Lagos, Igbos were disenfranchised, As it stands now, Igbos are slaves and outcast in Lagos state as they are facing daily intimidation.

We've been waiting to hear from the so-called Igbo elites in Lagos like Joe Igbokwe, Ezendigbo in Lagos and Yoruba Pentecostal pastors. No reasonable comments or actions are coming from the group mentioned above and individuals because they sold their birth and religious right for peanut. They are also trying to Please the Yoruba in other to be politically correct and relevant in the name of "one Nigeria" which the Yoruba never respected or observed for once. Finally, the question should be IS LAGOS REALLY NO MAN'S LAND as so-called Igbo Lagosians claimed?
In Biafra, we stand.

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