On 18/3/2019 Spot-On Media was present at the Trade fair Complex in Lagos State and witnessed the protest by Traders Union of the Complex as they Shut down the entrance to the entire market against the plan of Lagos State Government to seize ownership of the area with false claims that it belongs to the State.

We interviewed some Traders in the Protest match and one Mr John Ekeduru said Lagos State Government sent a Petition/Notice to the Traders to quit the arena and handover to the State Government. Mr John, further revealed that the rise of this threat was a spill over of the just concluded Elections where Igbos were accused of not voting the choice candidate of the Yorubas in the APC party.

You may recall that during the Governorship Election, the wife of APC Chieftain, Sen. Mrs Oluremi Tinubu was caught on video saying "We don't trust Igbos anymore, they voted against APC".

The choice of PDP over APC is everyone's civil choice. Yes, PDP won 95% of all the polling unit situated around the complex and the Traders have no regrets for exercising that right to vote their choice. This situation triggered off their anger and it led to the decision to take over the market Complex built by Igbo Traders some 20years ago. Trade fair Complex is said to be the biggest market in West Africa today. This letter of eviction is what prompted the Protest of today.

Some people were seen flying Nigeria flag in solidarity with Nigeria, saying as long as Nigeria is still one, that the FG must protect them or allow Biafra to go their separate ways and build their Country where they are sure of sense of belonging and human dignity because the threats from Lagos State against peaceful Igbos has become unbearable.

From reports gathered, it is said that the land in which this Complex was built was leased for 50 years and the Agreement was reached with the Federal Government of Nigeria. And based on that Agreement they are yet to hit 23 years of the agreement, saying they should not be booted out like criminals because they acquired the land legitimately. The state Government is trying hard to collaborate with the Federal Government to forcefully take over the land.

Reported by:
Onyedika Orji 
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Spot-on Media (Lagos State Media)

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