It is on record that over the years, Nigerian Leaders have repeatedly warned that the 'unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable' and this assertion is inconsiderate of the feeling of the Nigerian Masses.
One of the most popular in this school of thought is the Present Impostor President of Nigeria.

"Nigeria's Unity is settled and not negotiable. I will not allow irresponsible Elements to threaten Nigeria's Unity and Stability" ~Buhari (August 2017).

Looking at his statement, one can read the voice of a tyrant. He doesn't care what the opinion of the people is. He listens to his own voice alone and whoever opposes him is an "irresponsible Element". Buhari is not alone in this mindset. Majority of Nigerian Elites thinks it is impossible to negotiate the unity of NIGERIA.

The truth is simple and must be said, even though it tarries but must come to light someday. The majority of Nigeria People are sick and tired of remaining Nigerians. They are simply asking that they be allowed to go their separate ways for reasons bothering on.

Religious Intolerance: Nigeria was created or Amalgamated to exist with two very extremely divergent religions, the Muslim and the Christianity. The Muslim religion are known to be very fanatic in their practice and thereby unleashes Mayhem on their Christian neighbourhood. In the North, the Christians are gradually sent on extinct. About 90% of churches in the North have been razed down by Nigerians of the Islamic faith.

Few years back, we saw how a sitting Islamist Extremist Governor passed a Law for Sharia to supersede the NIGERIA CONSTITUTION in Zamfara State. That law was meant to rule both Christians and Muslims and until this day, it was not reversed. Christians are forced to abide by it or risk their lives. Why would any sane Government tell Christians from here that the Unity of NIGERIA is non-negotiable?

Secondly, there is a deep tribal hatred in Nigeria which has lingered for decades. The rest of Nigeria see Biafrans from the South-eastern part of Nigeria as threats because of their INGENUITY AND INNOVATIVE SPIRIT. They gang up against the innocent people of Biafra and plot to segregate, demolish, dehumanize, kill and stagnate them Economically and Politically. They are told that they will never rule Nigeria nor be found in any key position in the seat of Government. How would any sane Government tell citizens from this part of the country that the Unity of NIGERIA is non-negotiable?

Thirdly, Nigeria ranks amongst world most corrupt Country. The state of the Nation is IRREDEEMABLE and only a dissolution of the Country can fix the country. There are class of people from this school of thought who believes that the system is too rotten to be fixed, and how do you tell them that the Unity of NIGERIA is non-negotiable?

Lastly, it is worthy of note that Nigeria has become a bleeding field in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen invaders whose primary duty is to kill, burn down communities and occupy. This group are of the Caliphate fighting for a total control of Nigeria after wiping out the rest of other tribes in Nigeria. They, kill and occupy without any help from the government Security Operatives because Fulani also occupy the seat of Power and all Security Chiefs are of Islamic faith. The blood of Nigerians means absolutely nothing to the Government of the day and nearly on daily basis, we read news of Herdsmen attack and occupation of these communities. Their farmlands are destroyed by their Cows and Yam barn set ablaze. How do you tell people from these communities that the Unity of NIGERIA is non-negotiable?

We have come to a point where men of good Will and lovers of Freedom must rise up to the occasion and prevail on Nigerian authorities to allow the Masses to decide their fate. Biafrans are Christians and cannot continue to be subjugated by fellow Citizens who see them as INFIDELS that must be wiped out from surface of Earth. We have vowed to be separated from Nigeria or die trying.

God bless the Indigenous People of BIAFRA.

Written by:
Chibueze Ugwu
For: Delta State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Delta State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Delta State Media

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