Biafra: Atiku Is Part Of The Deal

■ Author : Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 02 , March 2019

This election saga worked as planned; Every move Atiku make today is a cover up to end the story and to avoid suspicion.
Firstly, Atiku decamped from PDP to APC; He campaigned for Buhari under APC against Jonathan in 2015.

The deal was that Buhari will hand over to Atiku on completion of his second tenure(2023); Unfortunately, Buhari couldn't complete even his first tenure due to ill health, He died in office(power) on Jan 27th, 2017.

Constitutionally, Osibanjo the vice president(Westerner) was supposed to be sworn in as the President; But the northerners wouldn't let this happen because of their born to rule ideology, and besides, Atiku might not have the opportunity of becoming the president as planned; The western(Yoruba) stakeholders cowardly let go of this opportunity because of their loyalty to the Northerners.

Atiku And Buhari 

After much contemplation, an impostor by name Jubril Al'Sudani was imported from Sudan to impersonate late Buhari so he can hand over to Atiku after 4yrs so as to cover/end the story because the news of Buhari's death was not disclosed to the public.

Atiku, considering this as an opportunity, decamped from APC back to PDP to contest against the same Buhari He campaigned for.
Did you understand the game they played here?

Atiku did all these to avoid suspicion.
And then, boom Nnamdi Kanu exposed this evil and almost lost his life because the cabals want the story dead by all means, But Nnamdi Kanu escaped the assassination and persistently unmask the impostor.

Nnamdi Kanu's expository broadcast on Jubril was gaining ground, the pressure was much on the cabals;
Atiku knowing fully well the implication of what he involved himself, smartly and indirectly tried to pull out of the deal; He has on several occasion during his election campaign said He cannot contest with a foreigner, and Jubril must go etc.
Finally, The Jubril saga did not gain much ground and did not last long since Nnamdi Kanu was the one saying it, many people took it as propaganda. That's how daft Nigerians are.

The late Buhari cabals have to call Atiku back and tell him to allow Jubril(Late Buhari's impersonator) finish his second tenure that power will be handed over to him and that it will be obvious if a known tyrant like Buhari accept defeat;
Atiku accepted, and in order not to be exposed, he still carries on his campaign, and this time, more serious and desperate, spending money here and there; Atiku deceived the weak minded Igbos by selecting Peter Obi as his running mate, and many Igbos were carried away and started Atikulating;
To cut the story short, this is politics in Nigeria; Hausa Fulani plays politics better than us.

Do you still remember that the first campaign poster of Atiku, a woman was his vice before the idea of playing with our intelligence emerged, and then they chose Peter Obi?

Atiku is part of the deal to retain power in the north;

Everything worked as planned, He did not lose anything, rather it's you Nigerians and Igbo Atikulators that lost..Igbo presidency is a scam; Mark my words, if Biafra tarries, and if Nigeria still exists till 2023, Atiku will contest again and this time, He'll win...

That's how Hausa Fulani play their politics.
Let's rise up and fight for our freedom because freedom remains our ultimate priority.

To Whom Brain Is Given, Sense Is Expected.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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