I have been asking myself what I think of African people, here is what I think of them, without racism and without discrimination.

African people sell everything they have to the highest bidder. They sell even their people. Then they poison themselves with everything that is within their reach.

I am not a racist, because I do not believe for a single second that white people are superior to Black people. The difference with them is that, whites think of their descendants, calculates very well, protect their interests and can kill for that if the need arises.

For everything, they (black people) confide in Superstition and Religion. The difference between the others and Blacks is, "while others reflect, Blacks do not think, they do not use their intellectual capacity and very few Blacks are analytical".

When a Black man tries to pierce through to Victory, the Whites starts thinking of a way to eliminate him in one way or another, and most times, they seek the hands of another Black brother to accomplish it.

The white people brought their God and continuously invent fuzzy concepts to confuse us more.

I predict that considering the State of things today, in the future, black descendants will increase in the number of slaves than they are today.

It is a fact that many Blacks die till date in the Sea and Deserts while trying to crossover to Europe. Years back they were conquered through the help of fellow Blacks who exchanged them for little crumbs. They were sold to slavery to work in various plantations. Today, the game is still on. Blacks are still selling fellow Blacks for FAKE JOBS/PROSTITUTION). How so sad.

The White people force them to speak and write in their languages. Whether a Chinese man knows how to write, speak, read or not that does not prevent him being a medical doctor or an Engineer or a lawyer in Nigeria. They will keep on controlling our descendants more than they controlled them in the past.

Other intelligent race understands the game plan of the Slave Masters, (like Chinese people, Indians, Koreans, etc). They started to use the same technical knowledge as the Whites to protect and dissuade the inferiority tag on them, but the Blacks did not understand the game and has not understood till date.

We don't wear our native anymore, but theirs; we don't count the days of the weeks anymore like EKE, ORIE, AFOR, AND NGWO., but theirs Monday, Tuesday and so on. We don't worship our God and our ancestors, but theirs. We don't eat our healthy native food anymore, but theirs. We don't take our God made curable herbs but their chemical medicine.

African's, especially Biafrans should rise up before is too late. We must understand that the battle to rescue Biafra from Africa is a herculean task and we must come to understand that NO SLAVE WILLINGLY GRANTS FREEDOM TO HIS SLAVE. We must take that which is rightly ours.

Wake up oh Biafrans.
We must Exit from this evil contraption called Africa.
We are the beaming light that will save the Blacks on Earth.

Come Quickly Oh BIAFRA

Written by:
Okafor Odinaka
For: Enugu State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Enugu State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Enugu State Media

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