Open Letter To Christians, Why They Should Boycott Nigeria Elections

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 01 , Feb. 2019

Calvary greetings fellow Christians in Nigeria, I brought you, folks, the gospel of truth, salvation, and liberation, I pray you to read and heed to this gospel as you remain blessed.

Elections are around the corner once again, when pastors, Rev fathers, and priests will be speaking from both sides of their mouths, some will go astray as dashing  out fake prophecies as a result of peanuts they have collected from politicians, our churches have now turned to campaign grounds were politicians come to buy votes, the altar of God has been defiled by our so-called church leaders, they have turned themselves into political lobbyist who now persuades their church members into voting for any political bidder of their choice.

This time around we must resist our pastors and Christian leaders asking us to go and vote, for you gullible Christian folks who want to vote in the fraudulent elections coming up later this month, I have these questions for you: are you comfortable with Hausa/Fulani Islamic jihadist ruling you? Do you enjoy the killings, hardships, military torture, and siege Christians are subjected to every blessed day? For how long shall you continue to pray and fast for Nigeria to be better?

Now listen attentively, if you are not comfortable with these things then, you must amend your steps by not voting or participating in any Nigerian elections, fasting and praying to God for a better workable government will not solve the predicaments in Nigeria, God is not deaf and dumb that hardly hear the prayers of his children, the reason God is not answering your prayers is that you are the problem, you failed to listen to the voice of his servant in 2015, Nnamdi  kanu warned you not to vote but you insisted and ignorantly voted, It's now left for you to choose the path you want to follow as power lies in your hands once again, the only opinion left for Christians in Nigeria is civil disobedience  and subsequent election boycotts, Christians in Nigeria must do everything humanly possible to boycott Nigeria fraudulent elections, else they will continue to be slaves in the hands of fulani Islamic jihadist and their sacrificial lambs after elections, we forget so soon that after 2015  general elections fulani herdsmen spring from nowhere and started causing havoc, Boko Haram/fulani herdsmen massacre will be a child play compare to what Isis is going to do to you Christians if you fail to boycott elections.

The worst mistake Christians would make again is to participate in this February 16, 2019, general elections, neither Atikurist nor Jubril the impostor is good for you Christians, these men are evil, monsters and devilish in nature, they don't have any good tangible plans for Christians if not Islamization because you remain, infidels.

Wake up Christians for Hausa/Fulani Islamic jihadist want to conquer you, and your so-called daddies and clergymen are helping them to execute their plans, after using your vote  to rig themselves into power they will unleash terror on you with help of their Islamic jihadist foot soldiers,”Say No to Nigeria Elections” and boycott it totally for it is evil and demonic, if you don't want Fulani herdsmen to continue rampaging your villages to slaughter and rape your mothers daughters, and wives and sisters than boycott Nigeria elections, if you still have your  PVC you must destroy and burn it to ashes for it's your identity card to poverty, killings, hardships, and hell. 

For our so-called church leaders clapping for Hausa/Fulani Islamic jihadist because of money, You are truly cursed, the wrath of God will soon fall on you prophets of doom, You kept mute in the face of injustice and tyranny against your folks when you should be speaking for them, but hail evil when its committed on the masses, lord have mercy on your poor wicked souls for deceiving the masses, sooner than expected those you are working for will hunt you down because you are infidels, disassociate yourself from Nigeria murderous politicians and their fraudulent elections. "Sit at home" on election day.

Nigeria remains an evil entity and Islamic country, no mention of Christian, Bible, church, or Christ in the Nigeria constitution, it's a clearer indication you don't belong there, Fulani Islamic jihadist don't want you Christians in Nigeria because it's their grandfathers Estate that alone gives you every justification not to participate in their elections.

In conclusion, we Christians must stop fooling ourselves and boycott Nigeria elections, in order to stay safe and avoid being a victim of deletion violence.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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