Biafra Referendum: Applying The One Win, One Campaign Method

■ Author: Onwe Ozioma
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 13, Feb. 2019

The long-awaited referendum for Biafra has finally been announced it is on the 16th of February 2019.
Now it is the call of every Biafran and all lovers of freedom to ensure that as expected, the exercise turns out a great success. There are simple but powerful strategies that anyone can employ to ensure that his or her hand is also on deck. This piece is targeted at suggesting a very simple, very affordable but powerful tactic.

Build up to this stage in the struggle to restore the sovereignty of Biafra, a lot of persons have made sacrifices of varying degrees.

Some have given up their luxuries and have preferred to be imprisoned, others have given their money to ensure that our greatest visible weapon of mass liberation; radio Biafra is always up and running. Mention must be made of those who have become self-made journalists and evangelists; a status that has exposed them to life-threatening dangers. Others had dared to protest in streets as hostile as a jungle manned by hungry and angry vampires.


Several have shut down their businesses and other means of livelihood in compliance with sit at home orders. Others had turned down some few naira and foodstuff even in times of extreme hunger in obedience to election boycott injunctions, (all join).

I must not forget those who have used their artistic talents in music to promulgate the message of freedom. And then the greatest of the champions; many indeed numerous in the millions, young and old have died for the purpose that Biafrans and even none Biafrans especially blacks (though most of them are oblivious of it) are freed from thralldom. The list goes on and on. All these contributions have been assembled by Yahweh to bring us to where we are today undeniably much closer to the finishing line.

On the contrary, some have sadly elected to shoot themselves in the foot by sabotaging the efforts of others. Some not very different from the e-rat warriors have imprudently handpicked to sit on the fence. But in all these, the need to be a positive backer of the freedom fighters can never be overemphasized.

The restoration of Biafra would benefit all and sundry the rebellious folks inclusive and the earlier everyone recognizes
this fact the better for us all. Peter in the holy book once asked the good teacher what their reward would be; they that had left everything to follow him.
And answering he said, ”you shall receive in this life a hundredfold and in the life to come eternal life”. In the same vein, everyone who has given to this cause of liberation shall not go unrewarded.

The opposite is also true for those who refuse to be part of this labour of love. What would posterity say of you? That you chose to enslave them by your actions and or inactions or that you did as much as your strength could carry to ensure that the fetters of captivity are broken? You could still be wondering by now what role you can play in restoring Biafra especially now that the referendum is only a few days away.

You are strongly advised to think out a method or two of campaigning for Biafra or you can simply adopt the method suggested below.

Make it your duty to ensure that every Biafran residing in Biafra land is duly put in the know concerning the forthcoming referendum. Make yourself the one that will win one in the one win one method of canvassing support for Biafra. 

Starting from your kinsmen, simply tell somebody to tell somebody that on the 16th of February 2019, every Biafran should stay indoors.

A total short down of the land we wish to salvage from the clutches of the evil hawk. By doing just this, simple as it is, you are being a key player in the liberation team. Do not sit on the bench. 

You may not have the resources to sponsor the printing of posters, banners or the sending of short messages. You may not be able to buy a transmitter for your village or decoder for your home but you can talk. In talking, some choose to spread destructive falsehood; you must choose to circulate the liberating truth.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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