It is quite appalling that Nigerian Intellectuals and Opinion moulders are so unperturbed in the happenings in Nigeria scene today. The Elites have gone deep in sleep, no contribution or caution to the recklessness of those in power. They sit back and watch as citizens are abused and forced to their early graves.

The Fulani invaders in Nigeria have completely taken over the political stage. They dictate the tone because they pay the Piper. Their common mind set is to 'Occupy and acquire any place they step into.' Life, for the average Fulani man is about themselves. It's all about their common and collective interests. This is why they battle to occupy the seat of power every year.

The allegation that current PDP Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar is from Cameroon cannot be contested anywhere. In 1961 a Referendum conducted by Britain in Cameroon, brought Adamawa people of Cameroon to Nigeria and Atiku was born before 1961 automatically making him a Cameroonian.

We are all witnesses to the recent speech of Lamido Adamawa where he boasted that Adamawa migrated from Cameroon and if Push comes to shove they (Adamawa State) have a second Home to fall back on and that home is Cameroon.

Truth remains that, Atiku Abubakar and Mohammed Buhari are coin of same side. They are both Foreigners, both corrupt and lack integrity. There is no better option of the two for a country like Nigeria that needs a total collapse and rebuilding of the various regions. Shamefully, educated Nigerians are singing their praises. Some are 'Atikulating' while some wants to go to 'Next Level'.

Sometimes, one stops to lay blame on the Thieving Politicians and gets angry at the Masses who elects them every four years.

In all reality, Atiku is a smokescreen whose only mission is to deceive people and to steal even more than the late Buhari. What makes Atiku different from Buhari? Nothing.

In 2007, Atiku was denied PDP Presidential ticket, having served for 8 years as Vice President in PDP, he jumped boat to AC and contested against PDP but he lost.

In 2011, he fell out with ACN (formerly AC) leadership, he jumped boat back to PDP to contest the PDP primaries and lost again.

In 2015, he dumped PDP again for APC to contest against PDP when he saw that the incumbent was seeking for re-election. He lost again. It's another Election cycle, he has dumped APC for PDP to contest against the incumbent who's seeking re-election.

In summary, Atiku is a crooked, desperate, shameless political prostitute and highly corrupt polygamist. His mission is to continue from where Buhari stopped, which is Islamization agenda.

I have entered into arguments several times with these Atikulators. My question, which has not been given reply to, is, SHOW ME AN ARTICLE WHERE ATIKU HAS CONDEMNED THE ACTIVITIES OF THE MURDEROUS FULANI HERDSMEN RAMPAGE IN NIGERIA?

It is no news that Atiku owns the biggest Herds in Africa. He is unapologetic, a Patron of Miyetti Allah Cattle rustlers. Recently, we listened to him supporting Grazing routes for FULANI Herdsmen in this 20th century when civilized Nations have accepted Ranching.

Some dumb supporters of this choice of an Abubakar have argued that he is a lesser Evil. Others said, he is going to Restructure Nigeria. Yet another group argued that with the choice of Peter Obi, it simply means he is a Liberal minded man unlike his counterpart. All these reasons are fallacies. 

Between 2003 and 2005 American Intelligence published a report that Atiku was involved in supporting world deadly Terrorist Group known as Al Qaeda. Till date, he never countered it and in our fashion in Nigeria, it was swept under the carpet.

What do we say of his running mate, Former Governor Peter Obi who supervised the killing of MASSOB members whose bodies were found floating in Ezu River. Peter Obi never made a statement till date? A Governor who was the Chief Security Officer of his State, never called for Emergency Meeting neither did he set up any panel to unravel how 30 citizens of his State were killed and disposed of, in such a painful manner.

Biafrans have chosen the right part. Referendum is the way to go.
Referendum is the only option where our voice would be heard.
Referendum is security to our lives.
Stop electing these murderous and heartless men into Government.

Sit at home and be counted on 16/2/19.
In Biafra, we stand.


Written by:
Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos
For: Abia State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Abia State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Abia State Media

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