The Indigenous People Of Biafra Enugu State received an intelligent report from a family member in Ugwuonyeama, 9th Mile in Enugu State, that the Terrorist Fulani Nigeria Army dug a large space in the forest of Ugwuonyeama community and currently using it as Graveyard for unsuspecting Biafran Victims.

This information came to us as a rude shock. The eye witness who spoke with us on Condition of anonymity, said that some strange activities was going on in Ugwuonyeama and shockingly, nobody would have known that such evil existed in such a peaceful community. On further interrogation, our informant revealed that their mode of operation was picking up young men from commercial vehicles for unfounded offences. He said the Soldiers mounts the major highways scouting for their Victims on daily basis. These Commercial Buses on transit with their Passengers are usually flagged down and all Passengers discharged and searched one after the other. Their major flash point is around their military Barack. When they search these passengers and find any Article relating to BIAFRA on a commuter, they keep him aside. Most times, they implicate their Victims   for excuses as cheap as listening to Radio Biafra Broadcast or Biafra music using their Earpiece.

After taking out their targeted Victims, they order the Drivers to leave. When the vehicle leaves the scene, they drive away with the arrested young Biafran men to this secret pit. They tie them up, push them into the GRAVE and empty acid on them and they die in excruciating burns from the acid while decomposing almost immediately.

We call on Amnesty International and the international community to carry out an independent investigation on this evil going on in Enugu State Southeast of Nigeria.

We therefore, caution Biafrans all over the country to be Security conscious, especially those of you who travel between Enugu State and Anambra State. You must be at alert at all times. We have been surrounded by our Enemies. They seek to wipe us out at all cost but Chukwuokike Abiama will cause them to fall on their own swords.

Take these precautions in this evil season.
Do not travel at Night.
Dress corporately while on transit.
Have a good haircut.
Keep off every material of Biafra while on transit.

Great Biafrans, we have been killed, maimed, extorted, humiliated and forced to continue to exist in Nigeria against our will.

On 16th Feb, we must demonstrate to the world that we are not Nigerians. We must sit at home on that day.

Say no to zoo (Nigeria) Election.

Say no to generational Slavery.

Say no to Terrorist Boko Haram.

Say no to Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen.

Say No to Religious intolerance.

Say no to Marginalization.

Say no to poor System of Education

Say no to poor health facilities.

Say no to fake Political promises.

Say no to unemployment.

Say no to poor Infrastructures

Don't be deceived any more.

#Boycott2019NigeriaEle tions

Written by:
Okoafor Odinaka (Chris Nwachineke)
For: Enugu State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Enugu State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Enugu State Media

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