We the Indigenous People has made up our minds and has shown to the world how determined we are in the pursuit for the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra. We have crossed the Rubicon (a point of no return). Where the contraption (Nigeria) is still waiting for IPOB to pick up arms and fight, the IPOB has disappointed them with her diplomatic moves in structuring things in place and forming a government of her own and may operate in Biafraland or aboard.

After listening and digesting the words of the leader of this great global family of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the 1st January 2019. I without any doubt believe the restoration of Biafra Nation is at hand. As I put up this article, there is panic in the corridor of power in Aso Villa. Both the Northern oligarchy and their evil cabals are running from Pillar to post in search of help. I see them helpless and sleepless because the 2019 presidential election may be postponed and this could lead to bloodshed. The cabals are very helpless because IPOB will soon install her government soon.

One of the reasons why the canals are helpless is because of the speech of IPOB leader which states as follows: “Since 2015 and all through to end of 2017, we have faced worst persecutions and acts of State terror ever unleashed on a people. Ironically and in total defiance of reason and logic, the Nigerian judiciary conspired to label IPOB that has never killed anyone, a terrorist organization, whereas the bloodthirsty Miyetti Allah a.k.a Fulani Herdsmen, that have been rampaging through swathes of the Middle Belt with the active connivance of the government of Nigeria are feted as celebrities and opinion leaders by the Nigerian media”.

“In the face of all these hypocrisies and moral contradictions, we Biafrans have exercised uncommon restraint and continue to demonstrate to the world our commitment to peaceful and lawful agitation by avoiding the temptation and all entreaties to resort to armed struggle. We have chosen this path because we trust in a new international order that is committed to helping all oppressed peoples to realize their right to self-determination, as long-recognized by international and municipal statutes and conventions”.

“Rather than weaken or tear us apart, the hardships we have faced in these years of persecution by the primitively totalitarian APC government of Nigeria and internal collaborators in Ohaneze Ndigbo have brought us ever together as a people and have motivated us to dig ever deeper into our huge reserves of resilience to keep moving this restoration project forward, to the surprise of our enemies and saboteurs alike".

We have confounded all those that thought that I and IPOB would go the way of those that went before us. Now they know we cannot be bought or sold like a commodity unlike those that shout Biafra during the day only to serve the interest of the government of Nigeria at night. Those that mortgaged their soul and conscience to the demon of avarice and self-enrichment at the expense of the wellbeing of the masses will answer for their sins at the appropriate time".

“I stand here today to reaffirm that we remain whiter than white and whiter than snow. Those who are in the habit of using our agitation for Biafra restoration to endear themselves to politicians in order to obtain financial reward should have no business with freedom fighting. Issuing meaningless press statements designed to pander to the same discredited politicians responsible for our misery will only hasten the demise of such individuals or group. Some of these unknown quantities struggling to remain relevant by rushing off to the press…".

“If there is something we are certain of in 2019, it is the fact that voting will be boycotted starting with the presidential elections. Okezie Ikpeazu will be removed from office as the governor of Abia State for the role he played in initiating Operation Python Dance that killed hundreds of our men. This same Okezie Ikpeazu is responsible for the illegal detention without trial of Biafran Jews.

A crime for which he will never be forgiven. The order to tear down every poster and disrupt every rally organized by Okezie Ikpeazu still stand and IPOB is under instruction to ensure that he is comprehensively disgraced at the polls. Anybody associating with Okezie Ikpeazu is an enemy of the people. No amount of state sponsored rigging through INEC will save him from the ignominy that awaits him.

`“Before the emergence of IPOB, there was nothing left of our dignity and self-respect as a people. Now that Chukwu Okike Abiama has determined that we should come, our various ethnic nationalities that constitute the historic and ancient Biafran federation are now more united than ever.
“The high level of togetherness, bonding and sense of purpose among the people of Biafra as a result of the activities of IPOB has ensured that Annang, Igbo, Ibibio, Efik, Ijaw, Isoko, Itshekiri, Urhobo, Igala, Idoma and Igede are now working with a sense of purpose never witnessed before in the history of our people.

“The Biafran dilemma and the tragedy of what Nigeria has been turned into have reached the point where the world can no longer afford to be silent. As the renowned English philosopher Edmund Burke said, and it is often true that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Since time and peaking from 2015, terrorism unleashed from the Nigerian Sahel and the Maghreb has ravaged entire communities, including Biafrans. To make matters worse, the Nigerian presidency has either failed to protect citizens or has itself become complicit and unleashed terror of its own, thus stoking the notion that some groups that control the levers of State power have set out to subjugate others in a Nigeria that was never meant to be this way.

“Better yet, in the face of all these tribulations, there’s a solution and it is in plain sight and makes sense, to boot. If truth be told, societies progress when among competing ideas; they choose the most progressive of the lot. This is even more so when such societies have the benefit of hindsight. Nigeria cannot be an exception to what has worked elsewhere.”” We, the Indigenous People of Biafra have proposed and still proposing the only idea that would halt Nigeria’s spiral towards bloody implosion. Our prescription is clear: Conduct a Referendum on Self-Determination for Biafrans; and indeed any other organized and cohesive group that demands it. That is the only fair way; not “True Federalism” or “Restructuring: “To drive home our demand, IPOB will ensure that the entire land of Biafra is paralyzed on whatever date they choose to hold the presidential elections. This position is irreversible unless our simple demand is met.

In summary: This is just tip of the iceberg. The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) is coming with her program soon and the hell called Nigeria will understand they can never hold us any longer. I think is high time they understand Biafra Nation has finally risen and the early they understand this better for them. No more voting in Biafraland. All hail Biafra the children of the light.

 Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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