The inherent and pathological fear that had possessed the exploitative Britain, since they first came in contact with Biafra, had been the pivotal propelling factor in determining the disposition of Britain towards everything that had/has to do with Biafra.

This fear, which gradually transformed into anger and bitterness, found an outlet in the British instigated genocide against Biafrans, which Britain clinically executed, murdering over six million Biafrans (a greater percentage of the number, through starvation) and crookedly telling the world that the genocide against Biafrans was a Civil War (Nigeria Civil War).

Since Britain SUSPENDED that genocide in 1970, after having successfully confiscated the Biafra OIL AND GAS, (which Britain still exports up to the present moment, under the cover of ONE NIGERIA), Britain, as the invisible hand in the Nigerian government, has been churning out policies that are aimed at keeping the Biafrans in a permanent state of dejection, depression, and despondency.

It is this goal of decapitating, emasculating, and subduing Biafra, through obnoxious and nefarious policies, that has made the British government, represented by the bandits and gangsters at Aso Rock to denude themselves of reasoning, resulting in the fact that Nigeria has become a tale of contradiction in human developmental history, and an object of ridicule before the whole world.
A few instances will suffice.

To subdue Biafrans and decapitate them economically, Nigeria PROHIBITED ALL THE SEAPORTS in Biafra from functioning, leaving only one Seaport to serve the whole country, irrespective of the fact that the strangulating effect of this choice is visibly snuffing life out of the Nigeria economy. The economic dislocation this absurdity is causing presently can only be imagined.

It is only in Nigeria that the only three functioning Airports are located thousands of kilometres away from the area where the users of the airports are concentrated. This is part of the continuation of the Economic genocide which was claimed to have been suspended in 1970.

In Nigeria, foreign countries do not have zonal or state business Offices, where their services (like visa application), can be accessible to the people.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has a law that bars the State Government from repairing the roads that leads to the state government secretariat, despite the fact that tens of people die at the spot each week. This prohibition is found in the anathema called EXCLUSIVE LIST.

Nigeria is the only country in the world in which Britain is exporting the seized crude petroleum OIL AND GAS of a section of the country, in millions of barrels per day, but still importing ALL refined petroleum products. The fear of the sadistic Britain is that the development of the oil industry will empower the Biafrans, in whose land the oil is found, economically. This automatically translates to the fact that there is no functional refinery in a country that is one of the largest exporters of crude petroleum oil in the world.

Nigeria is the country that supplies natural gas to all her neighbours to power their electricity, where there is no interruption in power supply. But the same Nigeria that supplies her neighbours with natural gas for their electricity, cannot boast of three consecutive hours of electricity, on any single day.

In education, the brightest students are denied admission in favour of the dullards and the daftest students. This is because those who score 160/200 do not secure admission, but those who score 2/200 not only secure admission, but with federal government scholarship. It is called QUOTA SYSTEM. This is a painful contradiction.

This quota system applies, and is applied, in every government establishment and institution, including, but not limited to the Army, Navy, Airforce, Police force, Customs, Immigration, FRSC, NSCDC, NDLEA, Prisons, and even Traffic waders (Yellow fever).

As we type, for the people of Southern Nigeria to be enrolled into the Nigeria Army, they must change their names to those of the people from the Northern part of Nigeria, to be able to be admitted into the Academy. Or, they must undertake to be admitted and considered only on the basis of their O level qualification, (even though they may have read up to PhD), so that they cannot exceed certain ceilings.

For employment or absorption into any government office or outfit, it is not about your capability or know how, but it is primarily about where you are from, or who recommended you. No wonder Nigeria has been going very fast in reverse.

Finally, there is no contradiction that is as inexplicable as the fact that a president, the late Mohammadu Buhari would die, instead of abiding by the stipulations of the criminal document imposed on the victims (who call themselves citizens) of Nigeria, called the constitution, a foreign mercenary, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, would be brought in to act in place of the president, instead of the so-called vice president. This is not only humiliating and dehumanizing, but equally opprobrious.

When all the above is considered, the world will agree that because Biafrans are republican by nature, and progress minded, there is no option left to the Biafrans than to quit this progress inhibiting concoction and human developmental quagmire called Nigeria.

The IPOB ordered election boycott remains sacrosanct. Remember the boycott and referendum evangelism days to keep them holy (the 11th commandment).

God bless Ikemba Nnewi, Odumegwu Ojukwu.
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
God bless Biafra and Biafrans.

Come quickly Oh Biafra


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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