Election Boycott The Only Way Out

■ Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 27 , Jan. 2019

Before now, some of you who are now more interested in voting in the forthcoming Nigerian elections has lost interest in it long ago, but now you want to vote because Nnamdi Kanu(IPOB) have officially told you not to vote with reasons; You want to vote because you dislike Biafra, you're being moved by your stomach, stupidity has overwhelmed you, you're a happy slave, you're comfortable under any condition as a slave to Hausa Fulani because at the end of the day you'll put food on your table, your slavish mentality told you that Boycotting election will retain power for APC and you concluded that Nnamdi Kanu is working for APC by simply telling you not to vote; You're a sophisticated moron.

You claim to be a Biafran yet the same you, want to participate in Nigerian elections; Are you not a fool? Tell me, when did South Africans start voting in Gabon election?
Until you answer me, then Biafrans will participate in Nigerian election.

You complain of marginalization, yet you want to vote; I reserve my comment for you because your stupidity/ignorance have horns.

You want to vote out Buhari and bring in Atiku, both are from one family (Northerners); I'm sure your brain uses tiger battery, if not, you would have known that all politicians are the same, it's you who never learn; Northerners have one thing in common, which is Islamization Agenda.

I thought you've known by now that no Northerner will ever restructure your Nigeria, because a restructured Nigeria will automatically kill their born to rule ideology; Will you ever know this?

Our people are being killed on daily basis, yet, you can't honor them by abstaining from Nigerian election, and you still call yourself a human; Sorry for you.

Every four years you vote thinking that the next politician will be better than the other, little did you know that all politicians are the same.

Their children are in Abroad schooling while your own children are in the house because their school here has gone on strike over salaries issues; Still, you want to vote.

In Biafra land, there's No functioning seaport, international airport, railway, not to talk of good road, Do I still need to mention power supply?
Still, you want to vote.
What's the essence of voting?
Who are you voting?
Austria elected the youngest president in the whole world; But here in the zoo, your grandfathers who have ruled before, regrouped themselves again so they can continue to rule you; They know quite well that your brain as a youth doesn't function properly, which is true And you're still comfortable as a party agent, while you allow your grandfathers to rule you; Brethren, this is one strong reason why you need to Boycott the forthcoming fraudulent already rigged election.

I need not deliberate on reasons why you need to boycott elections in Nigeria, you and I know that very well; Our vote doesn't count, Campaign promises are yet to be fulfilled, Boko-Haram is yet to be defeated,
Naira is yet to be equal to a dollar,
Petrol is yet to be #45 per liter,
Nigeria is yet to be better than America,
Our economy is yet to be stable,
We're yet to have a stable power supply;

We're yet to have good roads, hospitals & schools, Do I still need to mention that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is getting high? So why must I vote?

No right-thinking person will ever want to vote in Nigerian election since all the useless campaign promises are yet to be met, even after four years in office.

Biafrans are now wise, we're not going to vote in Nigerian election, all we demand is a date for Referendum because peaceful disintegration of Nigeria is the only solution to Nigeria problem.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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