■Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 10, January 2019

It's very sad that the so-called Igbo governors and political elites are the one's engineering and sponsoring operation Python dance in our land,these evil politicians that most of you ignorant fools want to vote for come 2019 elections are the ones responsible for the military havoc in our land,the likes of David Umahi, Okezie Lopez, Willie Obiano and other are the ones engineering the death and illegal kidnapping of Ipob members,but believe you me there shall be no safe haven for these monsters when the time comes, because we must avenge the death of our gallant men and women murdered in cold blood by the murderous Islamic terrorists soldiers of Nigeria.

The military siege and illegal abduction of Mazi Justice Udeh by Nigeria military is a heavy blow on Ipoh and our volunteers in general,it's a clear indication that Britain and his men have waged war on our volunteers, in other words, they are challenging our gallant volunteers to do their worst if they are gallant enough, or they will continue to kidnap, torture and intimidate them, but I weep and pity for any Hausa/Fulani soldier coming to Biafra land to execute operation Python dance III, sooner than expected we are going to launch operation "kill every Python" and Igbo governors/political elites will be used as escape goat.

The Islamic terrorist military is daring our resolve and they have an ultimatum to release Mazi Justice Udeh to us, our brother Mazi Justice Udeh must not exceed any ultimatum in military detention else that which they have been looking for we shall give it to them,let no harm/injury befall Justice Udeh else every military personnel in Biafra land will go down,it's not a threat neither a mere word but a promise to any military personnel reading this article.

These intimidation/harassment is getting out of hands,it's high time we deal with this rascals in military uniforms who think we can't do anything , the fact that we are peaceful in our approach and dealing does not mean we are not violent,any day we turn violent believe you me Boko harm/Fulani herdsmen will be a child play compare to what we will unleash on Nigeria military.
Mazi Justice Udeh committed no crime to warrant his arrest, the only crime he committed was to be seen around our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, his illegal abduction by Nigeria military is a heavy blow on United Nations security council,ICC, Amnesty international and security experts around the global, because it's not the duty of military to arrest any civilian,humanity must rise up and condemn this evil act perpetrated by this murderous Islamic terrorists soldiers of Nigeria,United nations is mute and blind over our case but they should remain like that until when we pick up arms, Nigeria government and Islamic countries can continue lobbying them as much as they can with our oil money.

The world should take note that Nigerian terrorists military have started with their madness again, they have brought war to us while we are for peace, our land is under military siege and we have the right to Self-defense , nobody should blame us if it results to arms, the moral of our volunteers is high over the illegal abduction of their comrades by Nigeria military troops, the situation might soon get out of hands as they are now running out of patience,if care is not taken Biafra land might express grave violence if justice udeh is not released within the ultimatum, guns, and bullets not even missile nor fighter jets from Nigeria military will stop this gallant formidable volunteer from marching if justice udeh and others are not released.
Finally, since Nigeria military wants us to pick up arms fine and good, we are equal to the task but before then, they should release justice udeh to us in good health and vacate our land with immediate effect else their military hardware will be used against them.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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