Biafra: The Mysterious End Of Every Saboteur

■ Author : Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 28 , Jan. 2019

Sabotage is a very critical issue in the world and Africa in particular. It has hindered many successful movement and plans which would have ameliorated Africans decayed condition. And still, yet Africans do not want to learn from what has happened to them.

It baffles me that some people prefer taking stipend and betraying their people rather than joining the movement and noble quest which will better their life and the life of an unborn generation. A good name they say is better than riches but nowadays people prefer ill-gotten riches than a good name that is to say they prefer and love evil more than good. 

Accepting money from the enemy of your people to betray your blood will not do you any good rather that Quisling act will rubbish and tarnish your reputation. The mysterious part of it is that God will not allow you to eat the wealth you acquired in a traitorous way and have rest.
My people perish because of lack of knowledge, some people who betray their people know the implications while some do not. For the seek of those who do not know the implications of sabotage, I want to let you know that every saboteur always ends up mysteriously and so shameful. Although I know sabotage is inevitable no matter how long you try to explain to traitors because God has given them a reprobate mind that they may be destroyed.
During the genocidal Biafra war, in the land of Nkanu, one of the clans in Igbo Biafra land a man from Nara community sabotaged Biafra.

Igbo Governors

Nigeria soldiers upon discovering that the road to the neighboring community (Nkerefi community)have been mined by fearless Biafra's soldiers making it very difficult and so disastrous for them to cross over to the other community. A Biafran civilian volunteered himself delve to sabotage, he took Nigeria soldiers through the farm road, before the people could notice it, they have been invaded by there enemies. The barbaric Nigeria soldiers set all the valuables in the community ablaze including buildings while some of their captives were given a full bucket of water to drink. One of the captives who received numerous slap from the soldiers could not be able to hear with his two ears till he died. After the war, the saboteur was buried alive by Nara people for sabotaging his people and also to maintain their good relationship with the other community which has been marred by the saboteur. 
What a mysterious and odious death.

What about ifeajuna? 

A young vibrant soldier and a revolutionary. He was one of the masterminds on January 15, 1966, coup, they are the ones who think they can transform Nigeria by force not knowing that Nigeria is irremediable. 

Upon the failure of the coup, Ifeajuna with the help of Christopher Okigbo and JP Clack escaped through Dahomey (Benin)  to Ghana
Ifeajuna returned after an assurance by the late peoples general Odumegwu Ojukwu that his life will be safe. 

Soon Biafrans declared their exit from Nigeria and Ifeajuna was involved in the military again ( Biafra military) it pains me so much that when the revolution ifeajuna was fighting for came,  he betrayed it. Ifeajuna collected money from the enemies and sabotaged Biafra the sabotage which led to the death of many Biafra soldiers. Some Biafran soldiers who were captured at ore, their eyes were plucked off.

After he returned to Enugu the Biafra capital, he was arrested tried and was sentenced to death by firing squared. What a shameful death today in Igbo land Ifeajuna's reputation is nothing to write home about meaning he is a contemptuous man in his fatherland because of sabotage.
I also find out that all the soldiers who tried to sabotage the world war 11 in favor of the Nazi were all captured and executed.
There is no gain in sabotage, you can only enjoy the wealth you acquired in a Quisling way temporarily the nemesis will come. Fellow Biafrans in all you do, ensure you do not involve sabotage for it's better to die for your people to gain freedom than sabotage them and end up shamefully.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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