Biafra: Fifty Nine Years Of Nigeria Independent; A Clear Proof Of IPOB's Points

■ Author: Chimaobim Nnanna
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 27 , Jan. 2019

Nigeria is a country in West Africa created by the British in the year 1914 and gained independence in the year 1960. It will be 59 years into Nigeria independence on October 1st, 2019, and things are still not working, whereby the people are yearning for freedom.

Before the British came to the area around the river Niger in 1903, the area presently known as Nigeria was being occupied by the Oduduwa people who live at the region west of the Niger River. The Arewa people live in the desert North. While the people of Biafra occupied the regions East and Southeast of the River Niger. There used to be no binding factor or beliefs and traditions between the nations. 

The nations never even knew each other and had nothing to smile at each other for. But the forced union tagged amalgamation is not working and has never worked, unless for feeding the British with FREE OIL AND GAS.

Nigeria School in Biafra Land

In the other hand, a country who has obtained her independence will be expected to grow forward and for 59 years should be able to have a very standard road network, educational system, proper health care facilities, steady light, a strong economy, employment, and lots more. But till date, the Nigeria politicians are still campaigning with promises of building roads, providing electricity, clean water, security, quality education, and even building of a second bridge across the river Niger. 

But against the law of nature and of growth, Nigeria has been growing backward for over 58 years of independence now. It's a big shame they keep campaigning with the same things every 4 years and doing none of it once they get into power.

Furthermore, the people of Biafra, the most marginalized, hated and rejected has resorted to seeking for freedom from the country they were forced to belong in, hence there is a saying that a rejected person cannot reject himself. 

Nigeria since amalgamation in 1914 is over a hundred years and life in it is a typical example of living in hell. A right-thinking mind will agree to the opinion of giving the people the opportunity to vote in a REFERENDUM to determine whether or not they still want to be a part of this country Nigeria. According to the description of the new free Biafra nation, life in it will be a direct opposite of what Nigeria turned to be through over 50 years of freedom in just 10 years. A sane mind will agree that it is better to give freedom a try than doing the same exact voting processes in the Nigeria elections and expecting to have a different result.

In conclusion, I believe that a chance to determine the people's fate through a referendum is the best thing to happen to Nigeria now. For if Biafra should exist as a free nation for just 9 years out of the 59 years of Nigeria freedom, then the difference will be as clear as day and the proof of IPOB'S points crystal.

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