Biafra : Election Boycott, A Needful Approach
(Part 3)

■ Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 29, Jan. 2019

I welcome you all to the third episode of this very article;
We're focussing on one terrifying question which is

"Why Must I Boycott Elections In Nigeria"
Firstly, ask yourself "Are We Boycotting Elections To Better Nigeria?

The answer is NO, We don't believe in Nigeria and her evil practices;
The same way South Africans cannot vote in Ghana elections, that's same way Biafrans cannot participate in Nigerian election, its illegal; Biafra is not Nigeria.
For we Biafrans to vote in Nigerian elections, shows that we're still part of the system(Nigeria), and can't be taken seriously over our agitation.

Let's Dilute Some Facts...

In a democratic form of government where power is vested in the hands of the people, voting is one of the most precious fundamental right of all citizens, as it's the only way the people exercise the power vested in them either directly, by voting on issues, budgets, and policies, or indirectly by voting for representatives who are obligated to represent them or their constituents and can be directly recalled by the people any time they fail to represent the interest of the people who elected them.
But In Nigeria, everything is upturned; Voting in Nigeria is a game of, by and for the elites, which I refer it to as Capitalist ruling class.

Many people think voting doesn't matter, and they ended up saying that whether boycott or not, a winner must still emerge;
If you say so, I'll then ask you a simple question...
Why is it that these politicians are willing, so much so that they spend billions of their own money to promote your voting since a winner must still emerge after boycott?
while I wait for your answer.
Now Read this carefully.
With 50‰(percent) boycott on presidential elections and 65‰ boycott on mid-term election, it looks/seems to the world as though these criminal politicians rule without the consent of the majority, which they don't. It looks to the American ruling class like tyranny, and it is.
That's the power of Election Boycott;  Its the first step in bringing the illicit power of the capitalist ruling class down.

If you vote, you're helping to prop up an illegitimate system of government/governance, one that is corrupt and criminal.

The ruling class wants your vote, don't validate their tyranny, Boycott election;
How can I vote in a country where one region is treated as a conquered enemy and a third class citizen?

How can I vote when my region that provides most of the resources used in running the affairs of the country don't have any functioning airport, seaport, good roads, railways, stable power supply, good hospitals not to talk of good schools..?
How can I vote when the northerners think they own the country which they claim to be one?

Hausa Fulanis are heading all the competent positions, and you're still telling me to go and vote.

How can I vote when my brothers are killed on daily basis just for agitating for freedom?

Why can't an Igbo man be president, and a Hausa his vice?
I am not voting...

Americans boycotted British election;
Awolowo and Yoruba people boycotted the Nigerian election in 1963 which lead to the eventual fall of the first republic;
APC and PDP presidential candidate boycotted presidential debate;
Brethren, election boycott helped in ending colonial rule in India and Zimbabwe.

IPOB must never be an exception, we must boycott the Nigerian election because we're Biafrans not Nigerians.

Lest you forget, Election Boycott Is The First Step In Bringing The Illicit Power Of The Capitalist Ruling Class Down.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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