■Author:  Utiung Mathias 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 09, January 2019

It pains a lot when I see some sophisticated morons from Biafra land display their stupidity and ignorance by running to the public social domain to sing that we, Igbos are not united, owing to the fact that we don't love ourselves.
This statement "Igbos Don't Love Themselves" is being bounded out of some western(Yoruba) multi-purpose idiots, in collaboration with some unscrupulous northern fools alongside with the self-centred born bastards parading as Igbo leaders; Those first class efulefus dancing to the tune of this senseless phrase/statement are defending and celebrating ignorance. Let's dilute some facts. Igbos are not united, yet they obey one command(IPOB high command); During the sit at home as ordered by IPOB on 30th May and 14th September respectively, there was total compliance across the region; All schools, shops, transporters and another business centre in Biafra land was totally locked/shut down.
But in the west(Yoruba), During Abiola's remembrance/celebration day in Lagos, no single shop, schools, transporters nor any other business centre was closed/shut down in other to make it a remarkable day. Now, who's more united? Igbos Don't love themselves, yet they survived the 3years genocidal war and even waxed stronger after the war than those that waged the war on them.
As if that wasn't enough, despite having a nonfunctional seaport, airport, and others, Igbos still do well in their business even more than those that have those ports at their doorstep.
Igbos don't love themselves yet, they are the only tribe in Africa that have the "think home mentality" Master and Apprenticeship(Oga an NWA boi) pattern, a case study.
Even after seeing the pure definition of love Igbos have shown among themselves and others under the umbrella of IPOB, And you still believe that Igbos don't love themselves, then you're less than an animal
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